BA or BSc Combined Honours

Students must meet the Faculty degree requirements which include 30 to 48 credit hours in French for a total of 66 to 84 credit hours in French and another subject. Minimum requirements for the Combined Honours program are as follows:

  • FREN 2045.06: Intensive Grammar or FREN 2047.03 and FREN 2048.03
  • FREN 2201.03: Introduction to French Literature
  • FREN 2202.03: Introduction to French Literature
  • FREN 3045.06: Written Expression
  • FREN 4017.03: General Translation and FREN 4046.03: Advanced Composition
  • plus a minimum of six credit hours in language, literature, culture or linguistics at the 3000 or 4000 level.

Also, when French is the primary subject:

  • FREN 4933.00: Honours Seminar and an additional credit; either an Honours Essay or an Oral Presentation (see document entitled "French Honours Qualifying Examination" available from the Undergraduate Advisor or the departmental secretary).