Minor in French: Linguistics and Translation

This minor is available to students registered in a 120 credit hour Bachelor of Applied Computer Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Community Design, Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Informatics, Bachelor of Management, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Science (Medical Sciences) program.

A minimum of 18 to a maximum of 27 credit hours beyond the 1000-level, including:

  • FREN 2020.03: Introduction à la linguistique/Introduction to Linguistics OR FREN 2075.03: Introduction to Linguistics
  • and any 15 credit hours from the following:
    • FREN 3017.03: Linguistique différentielle/Differential Linguistics
    • FREN 3021.03: Syntaxe/Syntax
    • FREN 3022.03: Sémantique/Semantics
    • FREN 3026.03: Le français québécois/Québec French
    • FREN 4011.03: Lexicologie/Lexicology
    • FREN 4013.03: Pragmatique/Pragmatics
    • FREN 4014.03: Langue et société/ Language and Society
    • FREN 4017.03: Traduction générale/General Translation

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