Below you will find descriptions for courses offered in this field of study. You will find a general overview of the topics covered and any prerequisite course or grade requirements, credit value and exclusions.

The first digit of the course indicates the general level. Those in the 1000 series are introductory degree level. Courses at the 2000, 3000, 4000 series are typically available to students in the second, third, and fourth year. Courses numbered at the 5000 level or above are graduate level. Courses listed at the 0100 or 0200 series are technology level courses. Courses below the 0100 level are generally non credit courses.

Some courses are listed as exclusionary to one another. This means that students may not obtain credit for both courses as designated. 

Not all courses are offered each year. Please consult the current timetable for this year’s offering. For further information please contact the department, or visit the department's website.

Course Descriptions

PLACEMENT TEST: All students taking their first French course at Dalhousie are required to take the French Placement Test prior to selecting their first French course. The test is available online at

Some courses are offered in English, including FREN 1004X/Y.06 which satisfies the Bachelor of Arts Language requirement. Other courses taught in English, that do not satisfy this degree requirement, are FREN 1100.03, FREN 1200.03, FREN 2060.03, FREN 2075.03, FREN 2275.03, FREN 2666.03, FREN 2800.03, FREN 2801.03, FREN 3125.03, FREN 3175.03, FREN 4016.06. Not all courses are given every year.

Most courses above the 1000 level are given entirely in French. Exceptions: FREN 2060.03, FREN 2075.03, FREN 2666.03, FREN 2800.03, FREN 2801.03, FREN 3125.03, FREN 3175.03, FREN 4016.06 (These courses do not satisfy the French degree program requirements or the Faculty of Arts Language requirement.)