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Beginning in Philosophy

There are many different ways of beginning in philosophy. The Dalhousie Philosophy Department offers two sorts of courses for beginners: (1) general survey introductions, which will give you a taste of a variety of questions and answers, and (2) introductions to special areas. Students wishing to major in philosophy are encouraged to begin with Introduction to Philosophy (either PHIL 1500 Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy (non-writing); PHIL 1501  Epistemology, Metaphysics (non-writing); PHIL 1810 Ethics Social and Political Philosophy (writing); PHIL 1820 Epistemology, Metaphysics (writing) ).  Any student may begin philosophy with a course that has no prerequisites, including most of the courses at the 2000 level.  Courses at the 3000 level and beyond usually have prerequisites. See the course descriptions.

We encourage students who plan to pursue a degree in Philosophy to speak with the Undergraduate Advisor.

Degree Programs

All students planning to take a degree in philosophy are encouraged to talk to an undergraduate advisor; those planning to do an honours degree must consult with the honours advisor. Students who intend to specialize in philosophy are encouraged to take an honours degree, which is advantageous for graduate study in philosophy.

In addition to the departmental requirements listed below, students must satisfy the general degree requirements outlined in the Degree Requirements section.

Note: In the statement of program requirements and prerequisites, "credit" means one full credit (six credit hours).

Not all courses are offered every year. Please consult the current timetable to determine if these courses are offered.

Detailed descriptions are available from the department website at and from the departmental office.