BA (120 credit hour) Major in Philosophy

See general degree requirements for the BA Major (120 credit hour) under Degree Requirements.

Departmental Requirements

At least 36 and no more than 54 credit hours in Philosophy beyond the 1000 level, including 18 credit hours beyond the 2000 level

Select at least three credit hours from the following - Philosophy (Logic):
  • PHIL 2130.03: Logic: Deduction
  • PHIL 2660.03: Logic: Understanding of Scientific Reasoning
Select at least six credit hours from the following - Philosophy (History):
  • PHIL 2165.03: Philosophy and the Black Experience
  • PHIL 2350.03: History of Philosophy: Ancient
  • PHIL 2610.03: History of Philosophy: The Rationalists
  • PHIL 2620.03: History of Philosophy: The Empiricists
  • PHIL 3110.03: History of Ethics: Plato to Epicurus
  • PHIL 3115.03: History of Ethics: Kant's Moral Theory
  • PHIL 3630.03: History of Philosophy: Kant
  • PHIL 3635.03: History of Philosophy: 19th Century Philosophy
  • PHIL 3640.03: History of Philosophy: 20th Century Philosophy
  • PHIL 3660.03: Post-Modern Philosophy

At least 18 credit hours at or above the 3000 level including three credit hours in: