BA or BSc (120 credit hour) Double Major in Theatre

Dalhousie and University of King’s College students can combine their Theatre degrees with a number of other disciplines at the two institutions. For more specific instructions on how to set up a Double Major degree in Theatre and another subject, please consult the relevant departments’ Undergraduate Advisors.

In principle, a student who wishes to graduate with this degree must complete at least THEA 2011.03, THEA 2012.03, THEA 3503.03, and any ONE of the following Theatre History courses: THEA 3911.03, THEA 4501.03, THEA 4701.03, THEA 4702.03, THEA 4921.03, THEA 4922.03, THEA 4923.03, THEA 4931.03 and must fulfil at least the minimal requirements for a 90-credit hour BA. They must have, in the two subjects combined, the required distribution of courses for a BA (120 credit hour) Double Major degree. As a result, the degree will consist of a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 48 credit hours in Theatre beyond the 1000-level. These credits must include at least 18 credit hours beyond the 2000-level in THEA. See the Degree Requirements section of this calendar for other general university requirements.

Note: For historical reasons, many classes with FILM codes are crosslisted as THEA. However, no such class will count toward any Theatre degree, with the exception of FILM 3915.03/THEA 3915.03 (Stars and Stardom on Stage and Screen), FILM/THEA 3314.03 (Shakespeare and his Contemporaries on Film), and FILM 4393.03/THEA 4924.03 (Special Topics in Theatre and Cinema).