BA (90 credit hour) Minor in Theatre

This degree is designed for students who want to take a number of courses in Theatre, would like to acquire a broad and varied knowledge of its various aspects, or prefer not to specialize. Students are encouraged to take PERF 1000.03: Writing About Performance and PERF 1002.03: Writing About Stage and Screen, or equivalent credit hours, and six additional credit hours in THEA at the 1000 level, although these do not count toward the minor.

See the Minor in Theatre section of this Calendar.

NOTE: For historical reasons, many classes with FILM codes are crosslisted as THEA. However, no such class will count toward any Theatre degree, with the exception of FILM 3915.03/THEA 3915.03 (Stars and Stardom on Stage and Screen), FILM 3314.03/THEA 3314.03 (Shakespeare and his Contemporaries on Film), and FILM 4393.03/THEA 4924.03 (Special Topics in Theatre and Cinema).