Costume Studies, Diploma in two years

The Diploma in Costume Studies is an intensive two-year qualification intended primarily for students who have completed a Bachelor's degree at a recognized university. Students who have completed at least two full years of successful study at a recognized university may be considered for the Diploma on a case-by-case basis. After successful completion of this program, students may upgrade their DCS to a BA in Theatre (Costume Studies) by completing the remaining requirements. Students pursuing the Diploma in Costume Studies are required to combine the courses in the following manner:

Year 1
  • PERF 1000.03: Writing About Performance
  • PERF 1002.03: Writing About Stage and Screen
  • THEA 1451.03: Introduction to Costume Studies a
  • THEA 1452.03: Introduction to Costume Studies b
  • THEA 2401.03: Cave to Castle - Dress from Prehistory to 1450
  • THEA 2402.03: Castle to CafĂ© - Dress from 1450 to 1700
  • THEA 2407.03: The Aesthetics of Contemporary Dress a
  • THEA 2408.03: The Aesthetics of Contemporary Dress b
  • THEA 2412.03: Language of Design
  • THEA 2451.03: Costume in Performance 1
Year 2
  • THEA 3402.03: Baroque to Bustles - Dress from 1700 to 1900
  • THEA 3403.03: Bustles to Boardroom - Modern Fashion from 1900
  • THEA 3452.03: Costume in Performance 2a
  • THEA 3453.03: Costume in Performance 2b
  • THEA 3454.03: Body Shaping Through Historical Tailoring b
  • THEA 3455.03: Body Shaping Through Historical Tailoring a
  • THEA 4407.03: The Aesthetics of Historical Dress a
  • THEA 4408.03: The Aesthetics of Historical Dress b
  • THEA 4450.03: Costume Technology
  • THEA 4452.03: The Sculpture of Dress