BA Honours in Theatre (Costume Studies)

This program combines the academic study and research skills necessary to the understanding of costume in its broadest context with the creative interpretation of design and the applied skills of the costumer whose goal is to work in the theatre, film, museums, or historical animation. Some courses in Costume Studies are open to general BA students; see individual course listings. Honours students must maintain an average of at least B+ in all of their advanced theatre courses. Special accelerated plans for Honours degrees in Costume Studies may be available on an individual, case-by-case basis for students with existing university credits recognized for transfer credit by Dalhousie University.

Year 1
  • PERF 1000.03: Writing About Performance
  • PERF 1002.03: Writing About Stage and Screen
  • THEA 1451.03: Introduction to Costume Studies a
  • THEA 1452.03: Introduction to Costume Studies b
  • 18 elective credit hours
Year 2
  • THEA 2011.03: Ancient and Medieval Theatre
  • THEA 2012.03: Early Modern Theatre
  • THEA 2401.03: Cave to Castle - Dress from Prehistory to 1450
  • THEA 2402.03: Castle to CafĂ© - Dress from 1450 to 1700
  • THEA 2407.03: The Aesthetics of Contemporary Dress a
  • THEA 2408.03: The Aesthetics of Contemporary Dress b
  • THEA 2412.03: Language of Design
  • THEA 2451.03: Costume in Performance 1
  • 6 elective credit hours
Year 3
  • THEA 3402.03: Baroque to Bustles - Dress from 1700 to 1900
  • THEA 3403.03: Bustles to Boardroom - Modern Fashion from 1900
  • THEA 3452.03: Costume in Performance 2a
  • THEA 3453.03: Costume in Performance 2b
  • THEA 3454.03: Body-Shaping Through Historical Tailoring b
  • THEA 3455.03: Body-Shaping Through Historical Tailoring a
  • 12 elective credit hours
Year 4
  • THEA 3503.03: Modern Theatre
  • Any ONE of the following Theatre History courses: THEA 3911.03 (Gender and Theatre), THEA 4501.03 (Canadian Theatre Since 1968), THEA 4701.03 (Special Topics 1), THEA 4921.03 (Special Topics 2), THEA 4702.03 (Special Topics 3), THEA 4922.03 (Topics in Theatre History), THEA 4923.03 (Topics in Dramatic Literature), THEA 4931.03 (Contemporary Theatre)
  • THEA 4407.03: The Aesthetics of Historical Dress a
  • THEA 4408.03: The Aesthetics of Historical Dress b
  • THEA 4450.03: Costume Technology
  • THEA 4452.03: The Sculpture of Dress
  • 12 credit hours in another subjects

Honours students in Costume Studies will be awarded the Honours Qualifying Project upon successful completion of a project on an aspect of theatrical costume or historical dress.


1. Applications for Honours in Theatre are not considered by the Fountain School of Performing Arts until the winter term of the student’s third year. Please enquire at the School for the relevant deadline.

2. For historical reasons, many classes with FILM codes are crosslisted as THEA. However, no such class will count toward any Theatre degree, with the exception of FILM 3915.03/THEA 3915.03 (Stars and Stardom on Stage and Screen), FILM 3314.03/THEA 3314.03 (Shakespeare and his Contemporaries on Film), and FILM 4393.03/THEA 4924.03 (Special Topics in Theatre and Cinema).