BA Honours in Theatre (Stage Design and Technical Theatre)

This degree is designed for students wishing to pursue careers in stage design and technical theatre. This section encompasses all areas of specialization that work together in the production of live performance. Set design, scenic carpentry, scenic painting, lighting, sound, props and stage management are taught through lectures and hands-on labs. Students in the first year of the program are required to work on one Fountain School stage production, and those in second and third years work on four Fountain School stage productions each year. All students must maintain at least a B- average in all Stage Design and Technical Theatre courses to move on to the next year, and Honours students must maintain an average of at least B+ in all their advanced Theatre courses.

Year 1
  • PERF 1000.03: Writing About Performance
  • PERF 1002.03: Writing About Stage and Screen
  • THEA 1051:03: Introduction to Theatre Organization and Stagecraft Part 1
  • THEA 1052.03: Introduction to Theatre Organization and Stagecraft Part 2
  • 18 elective credit hours
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4

The Honours Qualifying Project in Stage Design and Technical Theatre will be awarded upon the satisfactory completion of a professional portfolio.


1. Applications for Honours in Theatre are not considered by the Fountain School of Performing Arts until the winter term of the student’s third year. Please enquire at the School for the relevant deadline.

2. Interested students studying Stage Design and Technical Theatre may find occasional, paid employment with Neptune Theatre, the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, IATSE Local 680 (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees), and various other local and national, professional institutions with which the Fountain School of Performing Arts has a close connection.

3. For historical reasons, many classes with FILM codes are crosslisted as THEA. However, no such class will count toward any Theatre degree, with the exception of FILM 3915.03/THEA 3915.03 (Stars and Stardom on Stage and Screen), FILM 3314.03/THEA 3314.03 (Shakespeare and his Contemporaries on Film), and FILM 4393.03/THEA 4924.03 (Special Topics in Theatre and Cinema).