BA or BSc Combined Honours

Dalhousie and University of King’s College students can combine their Theatre degrees with a number of other disciplines at the two institutions. For more specific instructions on how to set up a Combined Honours degree in Theatre and another subject, please consult the relevant departments’ Undergraduate Advisors.

In principle, a student who wishes to graduate with this degree must complete at least THEA 2011.03, THEA 2012.03, THEA 3503.03 and any ONE of the following Theatre History courses: THEA 3911.03, THEA 4501.03, THEA 4701.03, THEA 4702.03, THEA 4921.03, THEA 4922.03, THEA 4923.03, THEA 4931.03 and must fulfil at least the minimal requirements for a 90-credit hour BA. They must have, in the two subjects combined, the required distribution of courses for a BA Combined Honours degree. As a result, the degree will consist of a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 48 credit hours in Theatre beyond the 1000-level. As per Dalhousie’s regulations for Combined Honours degrees, grades in these courses must be ‘C’ or better, otherwise the course will not count toward the degree. They must include at least 18 credit hours beyond the 2000-level. See the Degree Requirements section of this calendar for other general university requirements.

Note: For historical reasons, many classes with FILM codes are crosslisted as THEA. However, no such class will count toward any Theatre degree, with the exception of FILM 3915.03/THEA 3915.03 (Stars and Stardom on Stage and Screen), FILM/THEA 3314.03 (Shakespeare and his Contemporaries on Film), and FILM 4393.03/THEA 4924.03 (Special Topics in Theatre and Cinema).

Music and Theatre


See BA with Combined Honours in Music and Theatre for specific requirements of this specialized degree program.