Law, Justice and Society
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Law, Justice and Society

The Law, Justice and Society program offers a multi- and inter-disciplinary learning experience for students who are interested in the study of law and justice as subjects of historical, philosophical, political, or socio-anthropological enquiry or as an avenue towards work in fields such as in criminal justice, public policy, legal research, or human rights advocacy.

Drawing on a wide range of relevant courses from several different disciplines, the program offers students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the role of law in relation to other social institutions. It also facilitates the understanding of the historical development, political uses, and place in philosophical traditions of concepts and practices of law and justice. The program will also help students critically evaluate, apply, and engage in research and analysis focused on law and justice.

Students typically enter the LJSO program in their second year of study, after completing a year (30 credit hours) of study, or a King’s Foundation Year.

The interdisciplinary nature of the LJSO program means students will obtain most of their credits through LJSO-approved courses in other programs and departments. Students in their first year are encouraged to take courses in disciplines that can prepare them for the more advanced courses in the subjects that contribute to the Core Courses of the Program: Political Science, Sociology, History, and Philosophy. 

In their second year, students typically take LAWS 2510.03: Introduction to Law I, and LAWS 2520.03: Introduction to Law II (Law), both of which are taught by faculty in the Schulich School of Law; and PHIL 2020.03: Legal Thinking, which is taught by faculty in the Department of Philosophy.  

Third year core courses include LJSO 3000.03: Processes of Justice (LJSO);  SOSA 3285.03: Sociology of Law (Sociology); POLI 3505.03: Human Rights (Political Science) and HIST 3226.03: Law & Justice in Canadian Society to 1890, OR HIST 3227.03: Criminal Law, Crime and Punishment, 1890 to the Present (History). 

In addition to taking these core courses, students choose from an array of LJSO-approved electives, which are taken from a wider range of disciplines, including Contemporary Studies, Psychology, International Development Studies, Commerce, and Journalism.  In this way, the inter-disciplinary nature of the program not only provides LJSO students with the opportunity to pursue studies in law and justice, but it also grants access to -- and fosters relations within -- different fields and faculties where law and justice-related courses are offered. 

Not all elective courses are offered each year, so students should check the LJSO Program website to see the Course Offerings for the current year.

Students thinking of pursuing a B.A. in Law, Justice and Society as a Major, Double Major or Honours degree, are encouraged to speak with the Advisors in the Bissett Student Success Centre or the Program Coordinator about developing a program of study that suits their needs and interests.

In addition to the LJSO course requirements listed under each degree option, students must satisfy the general requirements for admission to all programs within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, listed in the College of Arts and Science section of this Academic Calendar.