Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts with Computer Science

Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees with a Major in Computer Science

The Faculty of Computer Science offers Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees with a Major in Computer Science. The programs of study are similar to the Bachelor of Computer Science, but with more flexibility in selection of elective courses. These programs may be of benefit for students who want to use one of them as a basis to enter other professional programs such as Education, Medicine, or Law. However, unlike the Bachelor of Computer Science degree, it does not meet CSAC accreditation requirements. 

Faculty Requirements

1000 Level
  • CSCI 1110.03: Introduction to Computer Science
  • CSCI 1120.03: Introduction to Computer Systems
  • CSCI 1170.03: Introduction to Web Design and Development
  • CSCI 1315.03:  Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
  • CSCI 1800.03: Society and Technology before Automation
  • CSCI 1801.03: Society and Technology in the Automation Age
2000 Level
3000 Level
  • CSCI 3101.03:  Social, Ethical and Professional Issues in Computer Science
  • CSCI 3110.03: Design and Analysis of Algorithms I or CSCI 3111.03:  Numerical Linear Algebra
  • CSCI 3120.03: Operating Systems
  • CSCI 3130.03: Introduction to Software Engineering
  • CSCI 3137.03:  Principles of Programming Languages
  • CSCI 3171.03: Network Computing
Other Required Courses:



Double Majors and Combined Honours

The following degree programs are available to students interested in interdisciplinary studies where the larger number of majors credits is Computer Science: Bachelor of Science (120 credit hours) with Double Major, Bachelor of Science (120 credit hours) with Combined Honours, Bachelor of Arts (120 credit hours) Double Major and Bachelor of Arts (120 credit hours) Combined Honours.

Combined Honours

Students interested in taking honours in Computer Science and another subject as a combined program should consult the honours advisor through whom a suitable course of study can be arranged.

A combined honours program may well be an appropriate choice for many students. If a student is contemplating graduate work, it should be borne in mind that the work in either subject of a combined honours program may be insufficient for entry to a regular graduate program, and that a qualifying year may be necessary.

Students who wish to arrange interdisciplinary programs (with fields such as Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, and others) are invited to discuss their interests with the appropriate department and the Undergraduate Chair of the Faculty of Computer Science.