Bachelor of Applied Computer Science

Faculty Requirements

1000 Level

  • CSCI 1110: Introduction to Computer Science
  • CSCI 1120: Introduction to Computer Systems
  • CSCI 1170: Introduction to Web Design and Development
  • CSCI 1800: Society and Technology before Automation
  • CSCI 1801: Society and Technology in the Automation Age

2000 Level

3000 Level

4000 Level

  • CSCI 4163: Human Computer Interaction
  • CSCI 4691: Advanced Project
  • Three credit hours of an advanced database course at or above the 3000 level, chosen from an approved list:

Other Required Courses:

  • MGMT 1301: Interdisciplinary Management I
  • MGMT 1302: Interdisciplinary Management II
  • MGMT 2303: People, Work, and Organizations: Micro Organizational Behaviour
  • six credit hours of Management, Commerce, or Computer Science courses at or above the 3000 level, approved by the Faculty of Computer Science
  • 15 credit hours of electives at or above the 1000 level
  • 24 credit hours of electives at or above the 2000 level

Other Degree Requirements:

  • A maximum of 90 credit hours of Computer Science courses may be taken for the BACS.

Please consult with an advisor in the Faculty of Computer Science when choosing from approved lists. Additional courses may be available but not presently listed above.

Minors for the Bachelor of Applied Computer Science

Students in the Bachelor of Applied Computer Science program may add a Minor in many subjects from the Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences, Management, Science and the College of Sustainability. Available minors are listed in the College of Arts and Sciences section.

The minor requirements are in addition to the normal Bachelor of Applied Computer Science requirements. All 2000+ Computer Science and Management courses used to satisfy BACS requirements may not be counted towards a minor.  Students wishing to pursue a minor should consult the relevant department and a Faculty of Computer Science academic advisor.

Co-operative Education Programs

All programs in Computer Science have a Co-operative Education option. This requires the completion of three Co-op work terms.

The Co-op office receives requests from employers for Co-op placements and advertises these to qualifying students. Students apply for these positions and are interviewed by the employer.

Students interested in the Co-op program should apply to register for CSCI 8890.00 at the end of their first year.

Faculty Requirements

Students must complete the following courses before beginning their first work-term:

Students must complete three successful work-terms as part of the Applied Computer Science Co-op program.  Each work term involves two courses, representing the experiential and academic co-op components:

  Experiential Academic
Work Term 1         CSCI 8781.00 Co-op Work Term 1           CSCI 8791.01: Co-op 1          
Work Term 2 CSCI 8782.00 Co-op Work Term 2 CSCI 8792.01: Co-op 2
Work Term 3 CSCI 8783.00 Co-op Work Term 3 CSCI 8793.01: Co-op 3


Entry Points to Bachelor of Applied Computer Science

There are multiple entry points into the Bachelor of Applied Computer Science program.

First-Year Entry-Students are advised to apply directly to the Faculty of Computer Science but may take their courses while residing in other Faculties and transfer to Applied Computer Science prior to graduation.

Students in the Bachelor of Computer Science program who transfer to the Applied Computer Science program within the first two years should be able to complete their requirements without requiring additional time.

Students from institutions that have articulation agreements with the University will be granted advanced standing if they meet the requirements set forth in the agreements.

Students who wish to transfer to the Bachelor of Applied Computer Science program from other disciplines may be able to do so, but will have to make up any required courses that are missing.

See also the Academic Regulations section for the Faculty of Computer Science.