Certificates in Computer Science

The following Certificates have been approved for the following Bachelor of Computer Science programs: BCSC, BCSC Co-op, BCSC with Honours, BCSC Honours with Co-op, BCSC Honours Conversion, BCSC Honours Conversion with Co-op:

  • Certificate in Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems
  • Certificate in Bioinformatics (admission under review)
  • Certificate in Communication Technologies and Cyber Security
  • Certificate in Data Science
  • Certificate in Graphics, Gaming, and Media
  • Certificate in Web and Mobile Development
  • Certificate in User Experience Design and Evaluation

Interested students are advised to enroll early in their programs of study, but enrolment is usually also permitted in the final year of study, provided requirements have been met. To be awarded a Certificate, students must apply to graduate with a Certificate at the time they apply to graduate from their degree program.