Mansour, S. A., BSc (Pharm), MBA (Dalhousie), PhC

Associate Directors

Education: Framp, H., BSc(Chem) (Acadia), BSc(Pharm), MAHSR (Dalhousie)
Program Evaluation: Whelan, A. M., BSc(Pharm) (Dalhousie), PharmD (MUSC)
Research: Jurgens, T., BSc(Pharm), MSc (Dalhousie), PhD (Miss)
Undergraduate Student Affairs: Sponagle, K., Diploma Engineering (St. Mary’s), BSc(Pharm) (Dalhousie), MEd (Acadia)

Professor Emeriti

Yung, D. K., BA, BSP, MSc (Saskatchewan), PhD (Alberta)


Agu, R., BPharm, MPharm (Pharmacology) (Univ Nigeria), MPharm (Pharmaceutics), PhD (Biopharmaceutics) (Katholieke Universiteit, Belgium)
Gardner, D., BSc(Pharm), PharmD (UBC), MSc (Dalhousie)
Goralski, K., BSc Hon (Biochem/Micro), PhD (Pharmacology and Therapeutics) (Manitoba)
Jakeman, D. L., BSc, PhD (Sheffield)
Jurgens, T., BSc(Pharm), MSc (Dalhousie), PhD (Miss)
Sketris, I. S., BSc(Pharm) (Toronto), PharmD (Minn), MPA (HSA) (Dalhousie)
Whelan, A. M., BSc(Pharm) (Dalhousie), PharmD (MUSC)
Yeung, P. K. F., BSc(Pharm), MSc (Man), PhD (Saskatchewan)

Associate Professors

Bowles, S. K., BScPhm (Toronto), PharmD (SUNY)
Isenor, J. E., BSc(Pharm) (Dalhousie), PharmD (UBC)
Mansour, S. A.,
BSc(Pharm), MBA (Dalhousie), PhC
Murphy, A., BSc(Pharm), ACPR (Dalhousie), PharmD (UBC)
Wilby, K., BSc(Pharm) (Saskatchewan), ACPR, PharmD (UBC), PhD (Masstricht)
Wilson, J., BSc(Pharm), ACPR (Dalhousie), PharmD (SC)

Assistant Professors

Black, E., BSc(Pharm), ACPR (Dalhousie), PharmD (UBC)
Kennie-Kaulbach, N., BSc(Pharm), ACPR (Dalhousie), DipAdultEd (St. FX), PharmD (Toronto)
MacKenzie, M.,
BSc(Pharm), ACPR (Dalhousie), PharmD (UBC)
Ramsey, T., BSc (Pharm) (Dalhousie), ACPR (Toronto), PharmD (UBC)

University Teaching Fellows

Framp, H., BSc (Chem) (Acadia), BSc (Pharm), MAHSR (Dalhousie)
Sponagle, K., Diploma Engineering (St. Mary’s), BSc (Pharm) (Dalhousie), MEd (Acadia)

Senior Instructors

Walker, L., BSc(Pharm) (Dalhousie)

Coordinator of Clinical Education/Regional Residency Coordinator

Davies, H., BSc (Hons) (Acadia), BSc(Pharm) (Dalhousie), MEd (Acadia)

Adjunct Appointments

Bishop, A., BA&Sc (Guelph), MHSA, PhD (Dalhousie)
Fisher, J., BSc(Pharm)(UofT), MA(Gerontology)(Simon Fraser), PhD (UofT)
Halawa, N., PharmD (U North Carolina)
MacDonald, T., BSc(Biology), BSc (Honours) (Marine Biology), BSc (Pharm) (Memorial), PharmD (Florida)
Neville, H., BSc(Pharm), MSc (CH&Ep) (Dalhousie)

PEP Associates

Throughout the Maritime provinces pharmacist preceptors in community and hospital pharmacies participate in structured practice experience programs (PEP). The College of Pharmacy would like to acknowledge the valuable and essential contribution that preceptors make to the education process. Sincere thanks and appreciation is extended to all preceptors for the time and energy they devote to students.

The PEP is administered by the College with the support of the provincial pharmacy regulatory authorities in the Maritimes. Second, third, and fourth year students demonstrate their knowledge and professional competency in practice rotations in community and hospital pharmacy sites.