Commerce (Co-op)
Location: Kenneth C. Rowe Management Building
6100 University Avenue
Room 4110
P.O. Box 15000
Halifax, NS
B3H 4R2
Telephone: (902) 494-7080
Fax: (902) 494-1107


The Rowe School of Business provides quality programs at both the undergraduate and master’s levels that prepare students to contribute to and take leading positions in business and society. Graduates of the programs are competitive in the global, diverse and continually changing workplace. Teaching, scholarship and service link theory and practice to benefit students, the University and the business community in Canada and abroad.

Specific objectives are to:

  • Attract, retain and educate students of high calibre from Nova Scotia, elsewhere in Canada and internationally.
  • Develop students’ knowledge of key concepts and issues in business operations, as well as in-depth knowledge within specialized business disciplines.
  • Develop students’ analytical and decision-making skills through a mix of theoretical and applied approaches including lectures, discussion groups, individual research projects, team projects and casework, as well as comprehensive field projects.
  • Enhance students’ team and communication skills, which are needed to succeed in careers and management.
  • Develop knowledge through research and association with the academic and professional communities.
  • Maintain strong ties with both the private and public sectors.

The Bachelor of Commerce Co-op program provides opportunities for students to pursue studies in topic areas such as the humanities and social sciences as well as in the functional areas of business. It is offered on a co-operative education (work/study) basis.