Ocean Sciences
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Ocean Sciences includes the study of the physics, biology, geology, chemistry, and meteorology of the marine environment. Topic areas include ocean currents, waves, tides, marine sediments, oceanic crustal structure, nutrient cycling, acoustics, ocean-atmosphere coupling, biological production, marine biodiversity, and seawater properties, among others. Students enrolled in the Ocean Sciences program will be educated in the core oceanographic sub-disciplines of physical, geological, chemical, and biological oceanography, while also being exposed to issues in marine policy, law, and management. Graduates of the Ocean Sciences program will have gained an appreciation of the interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches often required to arrive at effective solutions to environmental problems relating to the oceans. They will have developed strong quantitative and practical skills, as well as a breadth of knowledge across ocean science disciplines. Ocean scientists are employed in research laboratories, universities, government agencies, and private industry. Career paths include environmental prediction, environmental monitoring and assessment, marine technology, marine surveying, marine resource use and extraction, and marine conservation.

NOTE: Not all courses are offered every year. Please consult the current timetable for this year’s offerings.


Degree Programs

The Department of Oceanography offers the following degree programs in Ocean Sciences:

* May be combined with Minor programs from other disciplines

NOTE: There is no 90 credit hour (3 year) degree program in Ocean Sciences.

Departmental Requirements for these programs are described below. In addition to departmental requirements, students must satisfy the requirements outlined in the Academic Regulations and the College of Arts and Science Degree Requirements sections.

A student is governed by the academic regulations in place at the time of initial enrolment, as long as the degree is completed within the time permitted (10 years). Subsequent changes in regulations shall apply only if the student so elects. Student applying the old academic regulations should consult the calendar of the appropriate year.

Students should plan their programs of study carefully and are strongly encouraged to do so in consultation with an Ocean Sciences undergraduate academic advisor.

Students who participated in the Integrated Science Program in their first year should consult the Undergraduate Calendar for first year course equivalencies. The following options fulfill the first year requirements for any Ocean Sciences program: