BSc (120 credit hour) Major in Ocean Sciences

The 120 credit hour Major is suited to students who want to focus on Ocean Sciences, but wish to have a program that is somewhat less constrained than the Honours program. Ocean Science Majors complete a minimum of 42 credit hours in OCEA courses. Research and other experiential learning opportunities are available through laboratories, special topics and experiential courses.

Departmental Requirements

In addition to fulfilling the requirements outlined in the Academic Regulations and College of Arts and Science Degree Requirements, students in a Major program in Ocean Sciences must complete the following courses:

1000 level

OR Integrated Science Program (options above)

2000 level
3000 and 4000 level
  • OCEA 3003.03: Introduction to Field Oceanography
  • A minimum of six credit hours each from three of the four Ocean Science areas (18 credit hours total). See Ocean Science Areas.
  • OCEA 4000.03: Oceans and Global Change
  • OCEA 4401.03: Marine Management I/OCEA 4402.03: Marine Management II