BSc (120 credit hour) Concentrated Honours in Ocean Sciences

Students who want a challenging program that results in a broad and in-depth background in Ocean Sciences, and includes an independent research experience, may want to enroll in an Honours program. Students interested in eventually pursuing graduate studies are particularly encouraged to consider Honours. Honours students complete a minimum of 54 credit hours above the 1000 level in Ocean Sciences with a minimum GPA of 3.3 and write a research-based Honours thesis. The Honours Qualifying Examination requirement is satisfied through completion of OCEA 4201.03 and OCEA 4202.03.

Admission to Honours

Students considering Honours should consult with an Ocean Sciences Honours Advisor early in their studies.

Departmental Requirements

In addition to fulfilling the requirements outline in the Academic Regulations and College of Arts and Science Degree Requirements, students in a Concentrated Honours program in Ocean Sciences must complete the following courses:

1000 level

OR Integrated Science Program (options above)

A "B+" average (3.3) must be attained in the following 2000, 3000, and 4000 level courses.

2000 level
  • OCEA 2001.03 and OCEA 2002.03: The Blue Planet (minimum grade of "B")
  • OCEA 2020.03: Tools and Concepts in Ocean Sciences I/OCEA 2021.03: Tools and Concepts in Ocean Sciences II (minimum grade of "B")
3000 and 4000 level
  • OCEA 3003.03: Introduction to Field Oceanography
  • A minimum of six credit hours each from three of the four Ocean Science areas (18 credit hours total). See Ocean Science Areas.
  • One additional six credit hours from any of the four Ocean Science areas.
  • OCEA 3001.03: Introduction to Physical Oceanography or OCEA 4120.03: Physical Oceanography must be included in one of the preceding two requirements.
  • OCEA 4000.03: Oceans and Global Change
  • OCEA 4401.03: Marine Management I/OCEA 4402.03: Marine Management II
  • OCEA 4201.03 and OCEA 4202.03: Honours Research