Co-op, Minors, Certificates and Engineering Concurrent Programs for Students



Minors available to students in Ocean Sciences

Minor programs allow students to develop subject specialties in addition to their major or honours subjects. Minors in other subjects are normally added to 120 credit hour BSc programs

Students in a BSc program in Ocean Sciences may choose to include a Minor selected from the list of approved Minors. Courses counted toward a Major or Honours subject cannot be used to fulfill the requirements of a Minor program.


In combination with a BSc in Ocean Sciences, students may obtain one or more Certificates. A Certificate indicates that a student has achieved a certain level of proficiency in a given area or subspecialty. Courses counted toward a Major, Honours or Minor subject may also be used to fulfill the requirements of a Certificate. Students must apply to the Certificate Coordinator to be considered for a Certificate. Certificates are awarded upon graduation and are noted on the student’s academic transcript.

A complete list of Faculty of Science Certificates and requirements can be found at the beginning of the Faculty of Science section. Students may also work toward obtaining Certificates offered by other Faculties; some of these are listed in the College of Arts and Science Degree Requirements section.