In-Course Awards

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The term 'awards' in this section is a general term encompassing scholarships, bursaries, awards, prizes, medals, fellowships, and studentships. To see a list of awards that you may be eligible for, select your Faculty or College from the list on the right. You may also have the option to select a department within a faculty. Students who have yet to choose a major or belong to a Faculty of College that does not have Departments should select their Faculty or College, and then 'All Faculty Awards'.

The awards listed under the Department and 'All Awards' pages include those administered centrally (by the Registrar's Office, International Centre, and other units) as well as those administered within faculties and departments.

General Information

Dalhousie In-Course Scholarships
All undergraduate Dalhousie students not on a renewable scholarship, in eligible programs in the Faculties of Architecture and Planning, Arts and Social Sciences, Computer Science, Engineering, Health Professions, Management, and Science, and the Dental Hygiene program, who have completed a full course load (a minimum of 30 credit hours) over two terms within the previous academic year and achieved a minimum SGPA of 3.70 will be considered eligible for in-course scholarships. Co-op students who are on a work term during the calendar year must also complete 30 credit hours over two terms and achieve a passing grade in their work term to be eligible. Co-op students completing two work terms within one academic year must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours during their one academic term, achieve a minimum term GPA of 3.70, and achieve passing grades in both work terms, to be considered eligible. In those cases where students have taken more than 30 credit hours, assessment is based on all courses taken within the term(s) being assessed. Transfer credits do not count towards the credit hours reviewed for scholarship assessment. In-Course Scholarship assessment takes place over the summer months. Scholarship recipients will be notified by Dalhousie email.

Students registered in Graduate Studies, Medicine, Dentistry (with the exception Dental Hygiene Students), or Law are ineligible to receive incourse scholarships or renew an existing scholarship.

Dalhousie Undergraduate Bursary Program
The University's bursary program is intended as possible supplementary assistance to help qualifying students with a portion of their educational costs.

The University has funds for the purpose of assisting its students who may face certain types of financial situations. These bursaries are awarded primarily on the basis of demonstrable need as determined by the appropriate University office or committee, satisfactory academic standing (see as defined in Academic Regulations) is also expected. Students whose financial needs are exceptionally large and/or students whose academic standing is unsatisfactory may not be assisted.  Normally, bursaries will be awarded only to students who have availed themselves of assistance under the Canada Student Loan Program and/or corresponding provincial or territorial loan programs or bank loans. Normally, receipt of the first installment of such funding is a prerequisite to the University's consideration of an application for bursary assistance. Students may access the bursary program for a maximum of five years.

Faculty of Agriculture In-Course Awards Program
The Faculty of Agriculture has its own in-course award program (including bursaries), typically due in the fall term. Most Faculty of Agriculture awards require a single application. More information is available at

Golden Key International Honour Society
Dalhousie University has a participating chapter in the Golden Key International Society. The Golden Key Society is an academic honours society that recognizes the academic achievements of students. The society provides scholarships and leadership opportunities and career assistance to its student members. Students are invited to become members based upon criteria established by the society. For information please refer to the society’s website: