Minor in Canadian Studies

This minor is available to students registered in a 120 credit hour Bachelor of Applied Computer Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Community Design, Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Informatics, Bachelor of Management, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Science (Medical Sciences) program.

A BA (90 credit hour) degree program with a minor in Canadian Studies is also available.


1000 level
  • Six credit hours in French (a course in an Indigenous language may be substituted. Must be approved by the Coordinator.)
2000-4000 level

A minimum of 18 and a maximum of 27 credit hours from the list of Canadian Studies electives including:

  • CANA 2001.03: The Idea of Canada: Social and Political Perspectives
  • CANA 2002.03: The Idea of Canada: Cultural and Literary Perspectives

Note: CANA 3000.03: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Canadian Themes, and CANA 4000.03: Seminar in Canadian Studies, may count towards this requirement.

In addition to the courses listed below, appropriate courses in other departments may be taken as Canadian Studies credits, with the permission of the instructor concerned and the coordinator.

  • CANA 1102.03: Halifax and the World: Part One
  • CANA 1103.03: Halifax in the World: Part Two
  • CANA 2004.03: Canadian Literature
  • CANA 2005.03: Introduction to African Canadian Studies: Society, History and Culture
  • CANA 2021.03/CANA 2022.03: Language and Culture
  • CANA 2050.03: Historical Issues in Indigenous Studies
  • CANA 2052.03: Contemporary Issues in Indigenous Studies
  • CANA 2111.03: Is there an Atlantic Canada?
  • CANA 2203.03: Approches du texte littéraire/ Approaches to Literary Texts
  • CANA 2207.03: Indigenous Peoples and Empires: Canada's Origins to 1763
  • CANA 2208.03: Patriots, Rebels, Refugees: Canada’s roots in the Age of Revolution, 1763 to 1860
  • CANA 2209.03: Making a Nation: Canada, 1860-1929
  • CANA 2211.03: Social History of Canada before 1870
  • CANA 2212.03: Social History of Canada since 1870
  • CANA 2218.03: Canadian Economy: Policy Issues
  • CANA 2231.03: The Making of Modern Canada: Canadian Political History, 1896 to the Present
  • CANA 2233.03: Canadian Economic History
  • CANA 2235.03: History of Canadian Culture
  • CANA 2271.03: Atlantic Canada to Confederation
  • CANA 2272.03: Atlantic Canada since Confederation: Regionalism, Identity, and Development, 1867-2000
  • CANA 2280.03: African Nova Scotian History
  • CANA 3001.03: Topics in Canadian Studies
  • CANA 3002.03: Topics in Indigenous Studies
  • CANA 3008.03: Canadian Society and Politics
  • CANA 3009.03: Public Opinion in Canada
  • CANA 3020.03: Canadian Cultural Landscapes
  • CANA 3026.03: Le français québécois/ Quebec French
  • CANA 3050.03: Indigenous Research Methodology and Knowledge Practices
  • CANA 3052.03: Indigenous Social Health and Environmental Issues
  • CANA 3107X/Y.06: Experiential Learning: Canada
  • CANA 3185.03: Issues in the Study of Indigenous Peoples of North America
  • CANA 3231.03: Modern Canadian Literature
  • CANA 3270.03: Contemporary Canadian Literature
  • CANA 3333.03: News Media and the Courts in Canada
  • CANA 3400.03: Contemporary Canadian Literature
  • CANA 3401.03: Indigenous Representation in Film
  • CANA 3568.03: Canada and the World
  • CANA 3900.03: CANA 3901.03: La littérature canadienne française/French-Canadian Literature
  • CANA 4300.03: Canadian Healthcare Delivery System
  • CANA 4362.03: Topics in Canadian Music
  • CANA 4500.03: Canadian Theatre to 1968: Performing the Nation
  • CANA 4501.03: Canadian Theatre Since 1968: Interrogating Identities

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