Minor in Indigenous Studies

This minor is available to students registered in a 120 credit hour Bachelor of Applied Computer Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Community Design, Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Informatics, Bachelor of Management, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Science (Medical Sciences) program.

Students are required to complete six credit hours of core courses:

and an additional 12 credit hours of INDG cross-listed or approved coursework:

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Faculty of Health

  • IPHE 2201.03: Introduction to Aboriginal Peoples’ Health and Healing
  • HPRO 3360.03: Multicultural Health Promotion Research and Strategy
  • NURS 4330.03: Community-based Participatory Research with Indigenous Populations

Faculty of Management

    Faculty of Science

  • BIOL 4004.03: Principles of Indigenous Medicine

Other Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Courses To Be Included at the Discretion of the Coordinator and Instructor *

  • PHIL 2450.03: Democracy, Difference and Citizenship
  • SOSA 3190.03: Social Movements
  • SOSA 3183.03: Special Topics
  • SOSA 3206.03: Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Race
  • SOSA 4012.03: Issues in Sociology and Social Anthropology
  • SOSA 4005.03: Issues in Social Justice and Inequality
  • SOSA 4006.03: Issues in Critical Health Studies

[*These courses are offered regularly, but depending on the instructor in any given year, may or may not have sufficient amounts of content relevant to Indigenous Studies to be counted toward the minor.]

Courses at NSCAD, MSVU  and SMU that can be taken on a letter of permission and counted toward the minor, at the discretion of the coordinator. 


  • AHIS 2505.03: Survey of Indigenous Art               
  • AHIS 3460.03: Contemporary Indigenous Art
  • AHIS 3463.03: Exhibiting Indigenous Art
  • AHIS 4119.03: Indigenous Self/Representation


  • HIST 3304.03: Gender and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada


  • HIST/SOCI 4570: Indigenous Politics and Settler Colonialism
  • SMU ACS 2345: First Nations of the Atlantic Region
  • ACST 2849: Introduction to the Mi'kmaq Language

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