Minor in Black and African Diaspora Studies

This minor is available to students registered in a 120 credit hour Bachelor of Applied Computer Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Community Design, Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Informatics, Bachelor of Management, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Science (Medical Sciences) program.

Students must take SOSA 2005.03/CANA 2005.03: Introduction to African Canadian Studies

and one of the following two courses:

  • PHIL 2165.03: Philosophy and the Black Experience or
  • CTMP 2115.03: The Idea of Race in Philosophy, Literature and Art

Students will take the remaining 12 credit hours from the following list:

Contemporary Studies (King’s)
  • CTMP 2115.03: The Idea of Race in Philosophy, Literature, and Art
  • ENGL 2070.03: African American Literature
  • ENGL 3070.03: Twentieth-Century African American Novel
  • ENGL 3086.03: Postcolonial Literature
  • FREN 2021.03/FREN 2022.03: Langue et Culture  - section on Francophonie et Modernité aux Antilles.
  • FREN 3150.03: Aspects de la Francophonie
  • FREN 3125.03: The French-Speaking World/Le Monde Francophone
  • FREN 3175.03: Topical Issues in Francophonie
  • FREN 3811.01: Introduction to African and Caribbean Francophone Literature
  • FREN 4811.03: Francophone Poetry
  • HIST 2006.03: Atlantic World, 1450-1650
  • HIST 2007.03: Atlantic World, 1650-1800
  • HIST 2425.03: Africa Disclosed: The Patterns of Africa’s Early History
  • HIST 2426.03: Africa: Disruption and Innovation
  • HIST 2280.03: African Nova Scotian History
  • HIST 2392.03: Introduction to Caribbean History
  • HIST 3361.03: The Civil War
  • HIST 3358.03: Slavery, Gender and Power: Women in 19th century America
  • HIST 3360.03: Enslavement and Emancipation: African-Americans in the US South to 1900
  • HIST 3380.03: Slavery and Freedom in the Americas
  • HIST 3394.03: Slavery, War and Piracy in the Early Caribbean
  • HIST 3430.03: Making of Colonial Africa, c. 1850-1930
  • HIST 3431.03: Struggles in the City: Labour, Migration, and Urban Life in Colonial Africa
  • HIST 3435.03: Rise and Fall of African Slavery
  • HIST 3451.03: Southern African to 1860
  • HIST 3452.03: Apartheid and After: Racial Rule in South Africa
  • HIST 3470.03: Wars and Revolutions in Nineteenth-Century Africa
  • HIST 3471.03: Wars and Revolutions in 20th Century Africa
  • HIST 3513.03: From Cairo to Cape Town: Religious Revival, Identity and Colonialism in Muslim Africa
  • HIST 4360.03: Slavery and African Political Culture
  • HIST 4400.03: Topics in African History
  • HIST 4401.03: State Violence, Communal Conflict and Criminality in Modern South Africa
  • HIST 4404.03: Crime and Punishment in Modern Africa
  • HIST 4475.03: African Intellectuals and the Modern Experience
Music (Fountain School of Performing Arts)
Political Science
Sociology and Social Anthropology

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