Minor in Equine Science

This minor is available to students registered in a 120 credit hour Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) or Bachelor of Science (Bioveterinary Science) program.

The Minor in Equine Science will enable students to gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of equine sciences.  They will learn more about how we raise and care for horses, including the science behind good equine practice.  Students will gain an appreciation for the businesses and industries that support the healthy rearing of horses.  They will have an opprtunity to explore the biology of horses, relevant issues pertaining to horse health and welfare, genetics and breeding, nutrition, behaviour and facilities management.

Required Courses:

  • ANSC 2002.03: Introduction to Equine Science
  • ANSC 2008.03: Equine Facilities Management
  • ANSC 3008.03: Equine Genetics and Reproductive Management
  • ANSC 3009.03: Applied Equine Nutrition
  • ANSC 3011.03: Equine Behaviour and Learning
  • ANSC 4001.03: Equine Exercise Physiology and Health

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