Certificate in Financial Accounting

The Financial Accounting Certificate will investigate financial statements and annual reports to understand the overall health of the organization. Students will develop an understanding of basic financial accounting methodologies and develop analytical and procedural skills. Topics include analysis of financial statements, MD&A, pensions, deferred taxes, corporate investments, and cash flow.

Note – this certificate is not available to those majoring in Accounting

Required courses:

COMM 1101.03 or MGMT 1101.03(Introductory Accounting I (Financial)
COMM 1102.03 or MGMT 1102.03 (Introductory Accounting II (Management)
COMM 3102.03 Financial Statement Analysis

*Students must obtain a minimum grade of B- for all courses counted toward the certificate.

Students must apply to graduate with a Certificate per the timelines determined by the Registrar’s Office.