Courses Open to Non-Majors

The School of Architecture offers courses that are open to all students in the university:

  • ARCH 1001.03: Introduction to Architecture 1
  • ARCH 1002.03: Introduction to Architecture 2
  • ARCH 1201.03: Science of the Built Environment 1
  • ARCH 1202.03: Science of the Built Environment 2
  • ARCH 2501.03: Design Communication 1
  • ARCH 2502.03: Design Communication 2
  • ARCH 3106.03: Ancient Settlements, Buildings, and Landscapes
  • ARCH 3107.03: Modern Settlements, Buildings, and Landscapes

Please consult the undergraduate calendar for course descriptions.

Please consult the university’s academic timetable for available courses. Individuals who are not currently registered at Dalhousie University should refer to the university’s regulations in this calendar for details on Special Student status.