Master of Architecture

Master of Architecture

Master of Architecture is a two-year, full-time program consisting of four academic terms in residence and an eight-month work term. It includes required courses that complete the core requirements for the School’s professional degree program. Elective courses also enable a student to focus on a particular area of study such as housing, urban design, history and theory, building technology, environmental design, or computer applications. In the final year each student works on a design thesis, supervised by a faculty member.

The MArch program begins in May. Most transfer students enter in January to take several senior undergraduate courses during the winter term before applying for MArch admission.

Year 5 - Terms M1 and M2 (Summer and Fall)

  • two core courses in Design (ARCH 50xx.06)
  • two core courses in Humanities (ARCH 51xx.03)
  • two core courses in Technology (ARCH 52xx.03)
  • two graduate electives (ARCH 5xxx.03, ARCH 6xxx.03, or equivalent in another department)

Year 5 - Terms M3 and M4 (Winter and Summer)

  • ARCH 5308.03: Professional Practice (Co-op Work Term)
  • ARCH 5309.03: Professional Practice (Co-op Work Term)

Students extending their work term register for ARCH 5310.00: Co-op Work Term Continuation.

Before entering Year 6, a student must pass a Year 5 review to confirm that all Year 5 requirements have been completed.

Year 6 - Term M5 (Fall)

  • ARCH 9012.12: MArch Thesis I
  • one graduate elective (ARCH 5xxx.03, ARCH 6xxx.03, or equivalent in another department)

Year 6 - Term M6 (Winter)

  • ARCH 5311.03: Professional Practice
  • ARCH 9013.06: MArch Thesis II
  • one graduate elective (ARCH 5xxx.03, ARCH 6xxx.03, or equivalent in another department)

Graduate Courses

Core Courses - Design

Core Courses - Humanities

  • ARCH 5102.03: Housing Theory
  • ARCH 5104.03: Urban Systems
  • ARCH 5106.03: International Sustainable Development
  • ARCH 5107.03: Theory and the Built Environment
  • ARCH 5110.03: Architectural Exhibitions
  • ARCH 5112.03: Documentation and Conservation of the Modern Movement in Architecture
  • ARCH 5113.03: Technology, Culture and Society
  • ARCH 5114.03: Theory of Conservation Practice
  • ARCH 5115.03: Post-Colonial Culture, Architecture, and Urbanism
  • ARCH 5198.03: Humanities Seminar

Core Courses - Technology


For a graduate elective, a student may take a course offered by another department at Dalhousie University. The subject need not be directly related to architecture, but must be at a graduate level. A maximum of two electives may be undergraduate courses in another department that have been elevated to a graduate equivalent by the instructor and approved by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. With a Letter of Permission, a student also may take a course at another university, if the course is not available at Dalhousie University.

A student can receive graduate credit for a maximum of three "special topics" courses (e.g., Humanities Seminar, Technology Seminar, Representation Seminar).