Areas of Specialization

Molecular Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics

Dellaire, G. - Nuclear structure and cancer biology; chemotherapy resistance and cancer biomarkers; CRISPR genome engineering; the role of nuclear organization in DNA repair, tumour suppression, and cell cycle control; genome instability and pre-mRNA splicing; zebrafish as a novel animal tumour model.

Duncan, R. - Protein-mediated cell-cell membrane fusion during viral infections and muscle cell differentiation; viral fusion protein structure and function; cellular pathways involved in cell-cell fusion; exosomes and nonenveloped virus transmission; oncolyfic viruses for tumor therapy.

Kramer, J.M. - Epigenetics and Chromatin in Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Drosophila neurobiology, Learning and Memory, Gene Regulation.

McMaster, C. R. - Lipid homeostasis: genetic and molecular analysis of lipid metabolism in yeast with an eye to human disease genes; protein structure and function.

Marignani, P. A. - Molecular signalling of tumour suppressors, protein kinases and cellular migration, stem cell biology, genome stability, model organisms, translational research, system biology.

Ro, H. -S. - Signalling mechanisms of chronic inflammation/macrophage activation in atherogenesis, mammary tumorigenesis, and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Rosen, K. V. - Mechanisms of three-dimensional tumor growth: molecular control of cancer cell survival in the absence of adhesion to the extracellular matrix.

Too, C. K. L. - Prolactin and steroid hormone action: signal transduction; gene expression; regulation of tumor cell growth and apoptosis; breast and prostate cancers.

van der Spoel, A. C. - Biochemistry of Parkinson’s disease: (1) Alpha-synuclein-sphingolipid interactions in a cellular environment; (2) Discriminating the activities of the sphingolipid-degrading enzymes glucocerebrosidase and beta-glucosidase 2."

Waisman, D. M. - Molecular mechanisms of metastasis and angiogenesis. Role of inflamation in tumor progression.

Comparative Genomics, Proteomics and Molecular Evolution

Archibald, J. M. - Genome evolution, gene transfer, endosymbiosis, molecular phylogeny.

Blouin, C. - Protein evolution and folding, molecular phylogeny, bioinformatics.

Cohen, A.M. - Proteomics and metabolomics analyses of biological samples using combined chromatrography and tandem mass spectrometry techniques.

Doolittle, W. F. - Genome evolution: genomics, molecular phylogeny, role of lateral gene transfer in phylogeny and evolutionary innovation, origin and evolution of genomic complexity.

Gray, M. W. - Protist genomics: evolution of protist mitochondrial and nuclear genomes; ribosomal RNA, RNA processing and RNA editing.

Liu, P. X. -Q. - Intein-catalyzed protein splicing and applications in recombinant protein engineering, site-specific modification, peptide cyclization, and artificial spider silks.

Roger, A. J. - Protistan phylogenetics, organelle evolution and evolutionary genomic analysis: protein evolution; anaerobic organelles and bioinformatic method development.

Slamovits, C. H. - Eukaryotic genome structure and evolution, diversity and evolution of molecular mechanisms in eukaryotes, molecular biology and evolution of microbial parasites.

Structure, Function and Metabolism of Biomolecules

Bearne, S. L. - Enzyme catalysis and protein engineering: transition state analogues; enzyme inhibition; bio-organic reaction mechanisms; organic synthesis; biochemical recognition; protein modifications; active site architecture; enzyme evolution; proteomics.

Ewart, K. V. - Protein folding adaptations in cold marine environments and relevance to amyloid diseases; chemical chaperones; sustainable marine resource development.

Frampton, J.P. - Structure and function of biomaterials formed from colloids, polymer fibers and hydrogels. Bioengineered in vitro models for studying cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions.

Karten, B. - Cholesterol metabolism in the brain: Cholesterol trafficking and import into mitochondria in relation to energy metabolism in neurons and glia. Role of cholesterol in synaptic function, Niemann-Pick Type C disease.

Kienesberger, P. C. - Role of lipid metabolism and signalling in energy metabolism, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Nutrient signalling and control of mitochondrial function.

Langelaan, D. N. – Investigating protein structure and function: high-resolution structural characterization of proteins; protein-protein interactions; protein self-assembly; protein expression and purification; biophysical and functional assays.

Pulinilkunnil, T. - Metabolic regulation of Autophagy in health and disease; Nutrient regulation of lysosome function; Biology of amino acid metabolism and signaling; Role of alpha-mannosyltransferase in glycosylation disorders

Rainey, J. K. - Structural biology: studying membrane and fibre-forming proteins and peptides; peptide synthesis and expression of challenging proteins; biophysical characterization using protein NMR spectroscopy, scanning probe microscopy and complementary techniques.

Ridgway, N. D. - Synthesis and transport of lipids between organelles: Assembly of lipid droplets; cholesterol and phospholipid transport proteins; nuclear lipid synthesis and regulation.