Admission Requirements

Programs leading to MSc and to PhD degrees are offered. Research for these degrees can be undertaken in analytical, inorganic, organic, physical/theoretical chemistry or combinations thereof.

Candidates must satisfy the general requirements for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. In addition, prospective students from outside North America and Western Europe should arrange for submission of the results of the General Graduate Record Examination (GRE). For those whose first language is not English, an English language competency test is required. Details of approved English tests and associated minimum scores can be found by consulting Section 2.4 in the Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulations.

General Regulations

All graduate students are required to carry out novel, original research. In addition, all graduate students are required, as part of their training, to instruct in the undergraduate laboratories, to present and participate in departmental graduate student seminars, and to attend invited speaker departmental seminars.

Further details of degree regulations are presented in the Graduate Students’ Handbook, which may be obtained from the Departmental Office.