Master of Science (MSc)/Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Major advances in biomedical research are now being made in an environment where basic scientists and research-trained clinicians are interacting. There is a critical need to increase the number of such trained physicians locally, regionally, and nationally. This program is designed for persons who will become clinicians, but who plan careers as clinician scientists. The program allows the MD, DDS or DVM (or equivalent) graduate to concentrate primarily on thesis research in Medical Research and bridge the gap between clinical practice and medical research. In addition, the program offers training in clinical research, which is not otherwise formally offered at this University.

Students considering this program must pay particular attention to the following requirements:

  1. All students must have an MD, DDS or DVM (or equivalent) degree from an LCME accredited Medical School and all candidates must meet the admission requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
  2. In most cases, candidates will already have an honours bachelor’s degree in a basic science discipline, or a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate discipline with some evidence of competence in a laboratory or research environment. However, it is recognized that there will be some excellent students whose preparation for their MD, DDS or DVM may not have followed this route. These candidates will be assessed by the Medical Research Program Committee on an individual basis based upon their past performance and suitability for graduate research in the medical sciences. Students who are judged acceptable but who have gaps in their knowledge base or relevant laboratory skills may be required to take additional coursework and should recognize that this may extend the time required to complete the program.
  3. The Medical Research Graduate Program (MRGP) may also accept graduates from foreign medical schools who are not registered as residents. Such foreign graduates must provide evidence of proficiency in English by satisfactory TOEFL or IELTS score to the level required by the program. Graduates of foreign medical schools may have to undertake supplementary courses at the undergraduate level before acceptance in the graduate program. The foreign medical school in question must be an approved school (eligible for MCC examination).
  4. Additional program specific admission requirements include three credit hours in the discipline most relevant to the research project, as well as, a graduate-level research methodologies course.
  5. A letter from the Clinical Department Head or external funding agency confirming secure funding for the training period must accompany all applications.
  6. The minimum stipend for non-residents to enter the MRGP will be equivalent to the amount awarded by CIHR as a Masters level scholarship