Program Requirements

At the first meeting of the Supervisory Committee, relevant coursework for the student will be identified by the committee in agreement with the student and the supervisor. There is a minimum requirement of three credit hours in the discipline most relevant to the research project and a graduate level research methodologies course; however, the Committee may require that additional courses be taken to provide the knowledge base required for the thesis research. In addition, regular contributions to, and attendance at, a Journal Club and a Seminar series are a requirement to ensure a firm grounding in experimental methods.

Two degree programs are offered; but all students will initially enroll in the MSc program*, which would normally be for two years**. If, after one year of study, the student wishes to transfer to the PhD Program, and if his/her committee recommends such a transfer, a recommendation will be sent to the Medical Research Program Committee, and from it to the Faculty of Graduate Studies for consideration and approval. The PhD program would be expected to be completed within three years; a maximum of five years would be allowed. In addition, within 18 months of initiation of the Program, the student must complete a comprehensive examination, which will have an oral and a written component.

* Exceptions will be made for those Residents who already have a MSc degree in a relevant discipline. Decisions on which MSc degrees are acceptable for admission to the Medical Research PhD program are left up to the discretion of the Graduate Program Committee for Medical Research.
** flexibility for individuals with parental responsibilities will be considered.

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