Master of Engineering (MEng) Internetworking

Admission Requirements

A candidate to be considered for the Master of Engineering in Internetworking program must have obtained an undergraduate degree in engineering or its equivalent with high scholastic standing. Applicants with industrial experience are encouraged to apply.

Academic Requirements

Program Requirements

The course requirement for the Master of Engineering in Internetworking is 50 credit hours. 

The program director or designates will assess applicants and select students for the limited number of seats available in the program. The program of study of each student will consist of the ten program courses in the approved sequence.

Examination Requirements

The ten program courses are considered required courses. All degree candidates must pass all courses with a grade of at least B-.

A project is optional. Students should seek advice from the Internetworking office.

Candidates will be required to pass an oral examination of their project after the report has been submitted in a satisfactory form.

Course Scheduling

The courses are normally scheduled in six week blocks, two courses per term.

This delivery method has been chosen to accommodate the sequential nature of the program content.