Director and Assistant Dean

Packer, T., PhD, OT Reg (NS)

Professors Emeriti

Johnston, G., BSc (Hons) (McGill), MHSA (Alta), PhD (Western). Palliative and end of life care


Rockwood, K., BA (Memorial), MPA (Queen’s), MD, FRCPC, major appointment in Faculty of Medicine
Sketris, I., BSc (Pharm) (Toronto), PharmD (Minn), MPA (HSA) (Dalhousie), major appointment in College of Pharmacy

Associate Professors

Hajizadeh, M., BSc, MSc (Iran), PhD (University of Queensland, Australia). Inequalities in health and healthcare, healthcare financing and utilization, health policy, health economic evaluation
Lahey, W., BA (Mt. A), BA (Juris) (Oxford), LLM (Toronto), major appointment in Schulich School of Law
Mah, C.L., MD (Calgary) FRCPC PhD (Toronto).  Food environments, food and nutrition policy, diet-related diseases, population health interventions, public policy, public administration

Persaud, D. D., MSc (Queen’s), MSA (Central Michigan), PhD (Toronto). Performance driven organizational innovation and change; organizational learning, innovation, adaption, and sustainability; vision care integration

Assistant Professors

Simms, C., BA (St. Mary's), MPA (Dalhousie), MHSc (John Hopkins), DPhil (Sussex). Health policy, comparative health systems analysis, strategic planning, global health and equity issues
Parsons Leigh, J., BA (ST. FX), MA (York University), PhD, PDF (University of Calgary). Applied health services research, public health interventions, pandemic preparedness, Health Administration ethics, equity, diversity and inclusion

University Teaching Fellow

Hadskis, M., BSc (Hons), LLB (Dalhousie), LLM (Osgoode Hall Law School, York). Legal aspects of healthcare administration, tort liability of healthcare professionals/institutions, regulation of biomedical research, neuroethics, end-of-life decision making

Adjunct (FGS)

Ashton, S., BSc (Hons), MBA (Dalhousie)
Farron, J., Bachelor of Law, MHA, Bachelor of Arts (advanced major in English)
Mouland, D., BSc, DHSA, MHSA (Dalhousie)
Schwartz, J., MBA/LL.B., B.Sc. (Psychology) 
Stevenson, C., MHSA, CHE
Snow, C., CPA, CGA, BBA-IT/Acct (App)
Taghavi, M., BSc, MSc (Iran), PhD (McMaster)