Rehman, L. A., BHK, MA (UBC), PhD (Waterloo)


Gahagan, J., BA (Hons) (Carleton), MA (Windsor), PhD (Wayne State). HIV/AIDS prevention, care, treatment and support issues; sexual and reproductive health; access to health care resources among socially marginalized populations; HIV testing and counseling among pregnant women in Canada.

Jackson, L. A., BA, MA, PhD (Toronto). The social determinants of health among vulnerable populations (e.g. youth, women in the sex trade); rural health; HIV/AIDS; addictions and harm reduction; and qualitative methods.

Keats, M., BA (Calgary), MA (Alberta), PhD (Calgary). Health and exercise psychology. Research goals are to advance the scientific understanding of the interrelationships amongst the biopsychosocial aspects of physical activity and cancer. Research activities include: the examination of the impact of physical activity on cancer control outcomes such as prevention, coping, rehabilitation, health promotion, palliation, and survival; investigating the behavioural determinants of physical activity; and exploring the effectiveness of interventions designed to promote physical activity across the cancer continuum.

Kirk, S., BSc (Hons), PhD (Univ of Leeds). Health services, health promotion, health intervention, obesity, physical activity.

Rehman, L. A., BHK, MA (UBC), PhD (Waterloo). Leisure and entrepreneurship; leisure and work life balance; leisure and access by marginalized groups; physical activity and leisure.

Westwood, D. A., BSc, MA, PhD (Waterloo). Neuroscience, cognitive psychology, motor control. Basic research in the visual control of movement using 3D motion analysis, eye-tracking, and functional brain imaging. Applied motor control research in altered thermal environments, psychiatric disorders, and stroke.

Associate Professors

Grandy, S., BSc, MSc, PhD (Dalhousie). The effects of age-related alterations in inflammation and oxidative stress on cardiac function (e.g., cardiac contraction and repolarization); and protective effects of physical activity during the aging process.

Hutchinson, S. L., BA (Victoria), MA (Dalhousie), PhD (Georgia). Leisure education; leisure and health promotion/risk prevention; leisure-based responses to stress; theory-driven program design and evaluation.

Kimmerly, D., BSc (Waterloo), MSc, PhD (Western Ontario). Human Cardiovascular Neuroscience and Exercise Physiology. Our research is focused on the interaction between the autonomic nervous system and cardiovascular function. We are currently using functional brain imaging and microneurography techniques to identify the brain regions involved with autonomic cardiovascular control. Studies are also conducted that characterize the effect that acute (e.g. single bout) and chronic (e.g. training) exercise has on these systems.

Kozey, J. W., BSc, MSc (Waterloo), PhD (TUNS). Clinical and Occupational Biomechanics and Physical Ergonomics. Research activities include biomechanical analysis of manual materials handling tasks, 3-D reach measurement and modeling, workstation design, personal protective equipment design and factors related to emergency helicopter egress.

Martin, D., BRec (Memorial), MA, PhD (Dalhousie). Aboriginal peoples’ health and well-being; Indigenous and qualitative methodologies; community-based participatory research methods; Interconnections between food, culture and health; health and environmental policies as they relate to Aboriginal communities.

Neyedli, H. F., BSc Hon (Dalhousie), MASc, PhD (Toronto). Motor control, cognitive ergonomics, neuroscience. Basic research on attention, motor control and decision making using statistical decision theory and human motion analysis. Applied work on human-technology interaction in areas such as stroke rehabilitation and military combat indentification.

Numer, M., BA (Robert Morris Univ), MEd (California Univ), PhD (Dalhousie). Gay men's health, LGBTQ Health, HIV/AIDS, technology in post-secondary education, poststructural theories, queer theory, critical qualitative methodologies, discourse analysis.

Rainham, D., BES (Waterloo), MSc (Alberta), PhD (Ottawa). Environmental epidemiology; health geography; children’s environmental health; exposure assessment; geographic information systems; health benefits of nature contact; sustainability; carbon emissions and health care.

Robinson, L. M., BSc (Hons) (UVic), MA, PhD (Simon Fraser). Psychosocial Oncology, especially adolescent and youth and workplace issues. Mental health, especially for youth.

Truong, S., BSc (Dalhousie), MA (Alberta), Postgrad Cert. International Development & Refugee Studies (East London), PhD (Alberta), CTRS, RYT. Children’s play, wellbeing, and environments; therapeutic recreation; outdoor and experiential learning; place-based pedagogies; contemporary childhoods; participatory and action research; visual methods. 

Assistant Professors

Dithurbide, L., BA (St. Mary’s), MA (Brock), PhD (Michigan State). Research focuses on the psychosocial aspects of sport and physical activity; the long term goal is to better understand the antecedents and outcomes of team and teammate trust. The results of this research will be useful in helping athletes, coaches, organizational leaders, health service providers with the best ways to help increase the performance, and well-being of their respective groups and teams.

Frayne, R. J., BSc (Hons) (Guelph Uni.), MSc, PhD (UWO). Personal protective equipment, sport safety and performance.

Gallant, K., BSc (Hons) (Mt. A), BJourn (King’s), MSc (Guelph), PhD (Waterloo). Volunteerism and organizational participation and their implications for communities; feelings of obligation within volunteering; civic engagement and community development; inclusion of marginalized populations in communities.

Hamilton-Hinch, B., BSc, MA, PhD (Dalhousie). Marginalized populations including persons with disabilities, Aboriginal, low income, and LGTBQ.

Ladouceur, M., BSc, MSc (Sherbrooke), PhD (McGill). Normal and pathological gait from the perspective of neuromuscular control and biomechanics.

Moore, S., BRLS (Hon), MSc (Brock), PhD (UBC). Promoting physical activity across the lifespan, adapted physical activity for persons with disabilities and chronic conditions, pediatric physical activity and exercise, engaging children in sport and recreation, therapeutic and inclusive recreation, engaging children in outdoor and risky play, dignity of risk for children with disabilities and chronic conditions, relationship between physical activity and health, enhancing musculoskeletal health and reducing injury, healthy childhood growth, development, and maturation.

Stone, M., BPHE, BSc (Queen’s), MSc (Saskatchewan), PhD (Exeter). Physical activity measurement; profiling physical activity and sedentary behaviour, and examining relationships with physiological health outcome; built environment, physical activity and health; independent mobility, physical activity and active transport in children; interventions to promote physical activity and reduce sitting time; community health, population health, health promotion and chronic disease prevention.

Welch, J., BA, BSc Honours (Carleton), MSc (Alberta) PhD (Purdue Univ). Research interests include the effects of exercise and nutrition on bone adaption across the lifespan; nutrition and health; effects of Vitamin D on health in a variety of populations; and the role of Vitamin D in disease mitigation.


Spencer, B., BSc, MA, PhD (Dalhousie). Gender and health, Ecological and comprehensive approaches, Systems and structural influences on health, Physical activity and nutrition.

Woodford, K., BA, BRec (Memorial), MA (MSVU), CTRS. Therapeutic Recreation; mental health and addictions (child, youth, adult); wilderness therapy, distance programming, and experiential learning.

Zahavich, J., BSc (Dalhousie), MSc (Calgary), PhD (Dalhousie). School health promotion as it relates to physical literacy and physical education. Exercise testing and prescription for healthy and clinical populations. Coach science with a focus on endurance sport. Health technology and wearables, entrepreneurship and business development. Qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Cross-listed FGS Members

Aston, Megan.

Bardouille, Tim.

Blanchard, Christopher.

Boe, Shaun.

Dechman, Gail.

Kiepek, Niki.

Klein, Raymond.

Manning, Eli.

Orji, Rita.

Perrot. Tara.

Waldron, Ingrid.

Adjunct (FGS) Member

Ramos, H, BA, PhD (McGill).