Master of Arts (MA) in Health Promotion

Program Requirements

One full academic year (12 months) of resident study at Dalhousie University is a minimum requirement for the one-year master's degree. Although the MA degree program officially has a one-year residency requirement, students should expect to take from 18-24 months of full-time work to complete the degree. For full-time students, the degree must be completed within four years of first registration.

Completion of the degree is also possible through part-time study. However, financial assistance is not available for students undertaking the degree on a part-time basis.

The MA Health Promotion program consists of - 18 credit hours of courses and a thesis (equivalent to 12 credit hours). Required and elective courses are listed below. Each course is normally worth three credit hours. Electives may be chosen from the lists of courses listed in the Course Descriptions section, or from graduate courses offered by other departments at Dalhousie University, or, to a limited extent, at other universities.

Required Courses

  • HPRO 5501.03: Advanced Research Methods in the Social and Natural Sciences OR comparable course approved by the thesis advisor.
  • HPRO 5503.03: Intermediate Statistics for Health Sciences, Prerequisite: Before entering HPRO 5503.03, students must have completed an introductory course in statistics with at least a “B” grade.
  • HPRO 5514.03: Current Frameworks in Health Promotion OR HPRO 5516.03: Theoretical and Scientific Bases of Health Promotion
  • HPRO 5595.03: Program Planning and Evaluation in Health Promotion
  • HPRO 9000.00: Thesis (considered equivalent to 12 credit hours)

Elective Courses

  • HPRO 5514.03 and HPRO 5516.03 as listed above.
  • HPRO 5518.03: Women’s Health and the Environment
  • HPRO 5600.06/HPRO 5601.03/HPRO 5602.03: Independent Studies. Open to independent completion of study. Interested students should consult the Graduate Coordinator prior to registering in the course.
  • HPRO 5620.03: Topics in Biopsychosocial Health. Cross-listed with PSYO 6809.03.
  • NURS 5100.03: Qualitative Research Methods

PLEASE NOTE: Not all courses listed below are offered every year. Please consult the timetable for a current list of courses offered.