Health Informatics
Location: Faculty of Computer Science
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What is Health Informatics? Health Informatics studies the use of computing and information technology in health research, education, patient care, policy setting, and health administration. The fields of information technology, health information management and health care have undergone separate development over the past 30 years. Health Informatics provides a way of studying and disseminating knowledge and skills about the interaction of information technology, health care and people.

The principal purpose of this program is to prepare individuals with knowledge and skills to use information and information technology to support clinical care, health service administration, research, and teaching so that health care and services can be provided effectively, efficiently and to those in need. There is an urgent need for professionals and scholars who understand health and health services systems, and should also understand information technology, to provide the most useful information to meet the challenges of supporting health.

This interdisciplinary program draws on resources across the University, including faculty and courses from the Faculty of Computer Science, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Management, and the Faculty of Science.

This two-year program fee degree will require full-time students to register consistently for all six terms of residency requirement. The program can also be completed on a part-time basis by students who wish to continue working while studying. Part-time students will also be required to maintain consistent registration until completion of the program. The program consists of course work in health, information technology and management/leadership, plus a work-term or thesis.