Master of Arts (MA)

The MA is a research degree and can be done full-time or part-time. Students in the program normally spend the first term satisfying course requirements and begin their thesis research early in the winter term, under the supervision of a faculty member, or members, in the student's area of interest.

A candidate for the degree Master of Arts in History will require at least 12 months of full-time study to complete all degree requirements. The course requirement is normally satisfied by taking two designated advanced courses. If there are not two suitable advanced courses offered, a student may, at the discretion of the Graduate committee and on the recommendation of the student's principal supervisor, elect to fulfill one of the course requirements through a Directed Reading Course. Courses and reading courses may be selected from other departmental and extra-departmental offerings, subject to approval of the Graduate committee. (At least one course or reading course must be taught by a member of the History Department). Students will also enroll in HIST 5800, the Masters Seminar, a series of workshops and discussions that will culminate with the production of a thesis proposal. Topics should be chosen with a view to completion within twelve months; students should note, however, that completion within sixteen months is not unusual. To complete their degree, students must submit and orally defend a thesis of not more than 50,000 words. Thesis may be orally examined at any time. Students in the one year MA program are required to attend the Department Stokes Seminar during the academic year.

Candidates writing theses in Canadian history must demonstrate a competent reading knowledge of French; those writing theses in other fields must demonstrate a competent reading knowledge of a language other than English, as appropriate. A language examination, when this is necessary, is part of the normal thesis approval process.

Students admitted to a qualifying year program can be full-time or part-time and take as little as three courses or as many as eight courses.  The courses taken will be selected by the supervisor and approved by the Graduate Coordinator.  Qualifying year students must secure at least an average of B-.