Master of Information Management (MIM)

The Master of Information Management (MIM) is a part-time program designed for mid-career professionals “with at least five years’ experience” in the private, public or NGO sectors. It is a part-time program offered primarily by distance complemented with face-to-face intensives.

Students earn a Certificate in IM after successfully completing 12 credit hours (equivalent to three full part I and part II courses), and a Graduate Diploma in IM after successfully completing 24 credit hours (equivalent to six full part I and part II courses).

The Master of Information Management (MIM) degree requires 36 credit hours for completion (nine courses of four credit hours each: three for online component and one for intensive component). Eight required and one elective. Students must complete the program requirements in seven years from date of admission.

A complete application includes:

Faculty of Graduate Studies Application Form:
- Online version:
- Paper version:

$115 Application Fee

Letter of Intent

Resume/Job Description

Two reference letters (You must provide two references, preferably from supervisors (former or current) OR one supervisor and one academic.  The Faculty of Graduate Studies reserves the right to request additional references.  These must come directly from your referees in a sealed envelope. All references are considered confidential and as such cannot be returned to you. Your referees may use the forms provided below or write a letter of recommendation.  Their original ink signature must be included.)

Confirmation of Employment

Official Transcripts - Original and official transcripts are required from any/all post-secondary institutions attended. All transcripts (including English translations) must bear the official stamp/seal of the issuing institution and must be forwarded directly to Dalhousie University. Transcripts that state “issued to student” are not acceptable.

TOEFL results, where applicable

It is the policy of Dalhousie University to confirm the authenticity of transcripts and letters of reference of all recommended applicants

All admitted applicants must confirm acceptance in writing and provide a non-refundable deposit to the Student Accounts Office. This deposit will be applied toward tuition, but will be forfeited if the student does not register in the academic year for which he or she was admitted. Please note that this deposit is separate

MIM application deadline

Fall: June 1
Winter: October 31
Spring: February 28

For further information about this program contact the Centre for Advanced Management Education at