Master of Arts (MA)

An interdisciplinary masters degree by course work and thesis which focuses on problems of and prospects for development in the countries and communities of the global South.

The program brings together Dalhousie's considerable resources in development studies - individual, institutional and informational. We offer an innovative degree program based on established graduate courses. In addition to core courses and faculty in International Development Studies, the degree draws heavily, though not exclusively on courses and supervisors in Economics, History, Political Science and Sociology and Social Anthropology. It is offered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies through the International Development Studies Department and has limited enrollment per annum.

This degree exists as an interdisciplinary offering with the following requirements:

  1. three credit hours in theory
  2. three credit hours in methods
  3. Out of the 15 credit hours at least three credit hours should be taken in different discipline
  4. The masters thesis counts as 15 credit hours;
  5. Thesis committee members can be drawn from IDS core faculty, cross-appointees, adjunct professors or other Dalhousie faculty members. One of the three committee members may come from outside of Dalhousie.