Application and Admission

Candidates for admission to the masters degree in International Development Studies should hold an honours degree or equivalent, from a university of recognized standing, in either International Development Studies or a relevant discipline (including, for example, business, economics, environmental studies, history, law, political science, public administration, or sociology and social anthropology) or have completed at least four senior undergraduate courses in one of these disciplines. All candidates for admission must meet the requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Some candidates may complete the requirements in a 12-month period of full-time study. In most cases, however, completion of the degree will take more than the 12 month period and will involve payment of continuing fees for any additional academic terms of registration.

Application forms, available online, should be returned along with supporting documents, including an example of written work, a statement of educational and professional goals and a CV, by April 1 for overseas applicants and June 1 for North American applicants at the very latest. Early application is especially recommended for foreign candidates who will need to arrange student visas; e.g. by January 31. Students wishing to be considered for scholarship support are strongly encouraged to submit completed applications before January 5th.

Candidates from outside Canada whose native language is other than English must demonstrate their capacity to pursue a masters program in English. They should submit the results of a TOEFL or other standard English competency test at the time of application. The minimum TOEFL score required is 580 (internet-based TOEFL score required is 92).