IDS Approved Courses From Other Departments

NOTE: Some of these courses may require prerequisites: see departmental rules.  Not all courses are offered every year. Please consult individual department/school entries for course descriptions.


BIOL 5060.03: Environmental Ecology
BIOL 5065.03: Sustainability and Global Change
BIOL 5160.03: Political Ecology

Business Administration

BUSI 6255.03: Global Markets and Institutions


ECON 5252.03: From Disaster Relief to Development
ECON 5516.03: Resource Economics I
ECON 5517.03: Environmental Economics II 
ECON 5522.03: Labor Economics I


ENGL 5651.03: Indigenizing Modernism
ENGL 5700.03: South African Literature in a Century of Struggle
ENGL 5919.03: Postcolonial Studies in the New Millennium

Environmental Studies

ENVI 5031.03: Economics for Resource and Environmental Management
ENVI 5035.03: Research Design and Methods
ENVI 5041.03: Environmental Education
ENVI 5204.03: Coastal Zone Management
ENVI 5500.03: Socio-political Dimensions of Resource and Environmental Management
ENVI 5504.03: Management of Resources and the Environment

Gender and Women's Studies

GWST 6010.03: Theories of Feminism
GWST 6020.03: Feminist Methodologies


HIST 5400.03: Topics in African History
HIST 5430.03: The Making of Colonial Africa (1850-1930)
HIST 5435.03: Rise and Fall of African Slavery
HIST 5452.03: South Africa Since 1860
HIST 5401.03: State Violence, Communal Conflict and Criminality in Modern Africa
HIST 5404.03: Crime and Punishment in Modern Africa
HIST 5431.03: Struggle in the city: Labour, Migration and Urban Life in Colonial Africa
HIST 5510.03: Topics in Islam and Middle East History
HIST 5545.03: Scripture and State Craft: The History of Islamic Political Thought (7th - 21st centuries)
HIST 5470.03: Wars & Revolutions in 19th Century Africa
HIST 5471.03: Wars & Revolutions in 20th Century Africa
HIST 5475.03: African Intellectuals and the Modern Experience


LAWS 5022.03: Law of the Sea
LAWS 5051.03: International Environmental Law
LAWS 5056.03: International Trade Law
LAWS 5068.03: Ocean Law and Policy: International Fisheries
LAWS 5200.03: Environmental Law

Marine Affairs

MARA 5001.06: Contemporary Issues in Ocean Management and Development
MARA 5003.03: Marine Science and Technology
MARA 5008.03: Integrated Maritime Enforcement
MARA 5009.03: Coastal Zone Management
MARA 5021.03: Fisheries Management
MARA 5589.03: Politics of the Sea


NURS 5110.03: Qualitative Research: Learning Grounded Theory
NURS 5140.03: Community-Based Research Methodologies for Addressing Health Disparities
NURS 5550.03: Marginalized Populations: Theoretical Insights and Applications

Political Science

POLI 5302.03: Comparative Development Administration
POLI 5303.03: Human Rights and Politics
POLI 5315.03: African Politics
POLI 5340.03: Approaches to Development
POLI 5345.03: Politics of Southern Africa
POLI 5350.03: Governance and Globalization
POLI 5360.03: Politics of Latin America
POLI 5475.03: Democratic Theory
POLI 5531.03: UN in World Politics
POLI 5535.03: New International Division of Labor
POLI 5537.06: Management and Conservation of Marine Resources (Summer Only)
POLI 5540.03: Foreign Policies in the Third World
POLI 5560.03: Human Development/Security at the Start of the Twenty-first Century
POLI 5581.03: Diplomacy and Negotiation
POLI 5585.03: Politics of the Environment

Public Administration

PUAD 6500.03: Business and Government
PUAD 6520.03: Program Evaluation Seminar
PUAD 6521.03: Program Evaluation Practicum
PUAD 6550.03: Design and Use of Projects
PUAD 6555.03: The Impact of Technology and Public Administration
PUAD 6620.03: Women, Men and Management

Social Work

SLWK 6333.03: Practice Research
SLWK 6365.03: Community Socio-Economic Development
SLWK 6385.03: Community and Social Change Analysis
SLWK 6390.09: The Theory and Practice of Community Work

Sociology and Social Anthropology

SOSA 5001.03: Survey Methods
SOSA 5002.03: Social Statistics
SOSA 5003.03: Contemporary Perspectives in Ethnography
SOSA 5004.03: Advanced Issues in Work, Industry, and Development
SOSA 5005.03: Advanced Issues in Social Injustice and Social Inequality
SOSA 5006.03: Advanced Issues in Health and Illness

Urban and Rural Planning

PLAN 5101.03: History and Theory of Planning
PLAN 5102.03: Planning Practice
PLAN 5103.03: Qualitative Methods
PLAN 6101.03: Urban Design
PLAN 6102.03: Urban Economics
PLAN 6103.03: Urban Ecology
PLAN 6104.03: Comparative Urbanization
PLAN 6106.03: Transportation Planning
PLAN 6107.03: Regional Planning
PLAN 6110.03: Environmental Impact Assessment in Social and Environmental Policy