Mechanical Engineering



Dalhousie University offers programs leading to Master's and Doctoral degrees in various branches of Engineering. There are two program areas offered within the Department of Mechanical Engineering:

  • Materials Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Materials Engineering

The Materials Engineering Program emphasizes student instruction on cutting-edge material systems and processing technologies pertinent to the aerospace, automotive, marine, and energy sectors.  As one of the most research-intensive groups in the Faculty of Engineering, students are presented with opportunities to amass in-depth knowledge on a diverse scope of fields in direct collaboration with national and international industry partners. Core strengths of the Program include material design, advanced manufacturing (additive manufacturing, powder metallurgy, sintering, metal forming, brazing and joining), and material characterization (thermal analyses, tribology, corrosion and oxidation, mechanical testing, quantitative microstructural analysis) principally in the context of structural alloy systems, ceramics, fiber-reinforced composites, shape memory alloys, and metal/ceramic composites.

Mechanical Engineering

Graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University is designed to help students develop and strengthen understanding of their selected specialty in Mechanical Engineering through research work, lectures, tutorials, and laboratory activities. Modern, well-instrumented laboratories provide experience to ensure a thorough understanding and appreciation of the subject matter. The department offers graduate research opportunities in most cutting-edge fields of Mechanical.