Head of Department

Sadek, I.

Graduate Coordinator

Marcato, P.


Dellaire, G. BSc, PhD (McGill). Cancer biology, DNA repair
Greer, W. L., BSc, PhD (Western), FCCMG. Human molecular genetics; molecular diagnosis of cancer, Graduate Studies Coordinator
Hatchette, T., MD (Memorial). Virology, infectious diseases and medical microbiology
Hoskin, D., BSc, PhD (McGill). Tumour immunology, cancer biology, apoptosis
Issekutz, T., MD (Dalhousie), FRCP (C). Pediatric immunology, inflammation, major appointment in Pediatrics
Liwski, R., MD, PhD, FRCPC (Dalhousie). Hematopathology
Marshall, J. S., BSc, PhD (Manchester), major appointment in Microbiology and Immunology. The role and regulation of mast cells in immune responses to bacteria, viruses and tumours, regulation of cytokines in inflammatory bowel diseases and asthma
Nassar, B. A., BSc (Beirut), PhD (Newcastle), MB, BCh (Cairo), FRCP(C). Essential fatty acids and prostaglandins; molecular diagnosis of hyperlipidemias; familial cancers; porphyrias
Robitaille, J. M., MD, FRCSC (McGill). Pediatricophthalmology, human genetics, developmental vascular eye diseases, major appointment in Opthalmology and Visual Sciences
Sadek, I., MB (Cairo) FRCP. Hematopathology
Waisman, D., BSc (Brandon), PhD (Manitoba), joint appointment in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Xu, Z., MD (Shanghai Medical Univ). Pulmonary pathology; cytopathology

Associate Professors

Bedard, K., BS (St. FX), MSc (Dalhousie), PhD (Atlantic Veterinary College). Oxidative stress; molecular biology; functional genetics
Easton, A., MBBS, PhD (Univ of London). Neuropathology
Harrison, K., PhD, FCCMG (McMaster). Cytogenetics
Huang, W. -Y., MD (Taipei), PhD (Toronto). Anatomic Pathology
Johnston, B., PhD (Calgary), major appointment in Microbiology and Immunology. Inflammation and immune response
Leblanc, J., PhD (Dalhousie). Virology, immunology and molecular epidemiology
MacLellan, D., MD, BSc, major appointment in Urology. Urinary tract anomalies, proteomics

Assistant Professors

Boudreau, J., PhD (McMaster). Host defense, Natural killer cell biology, cancer immunogenetics, inflammation
Davis, I., MD (Toronto), major appointment in Medicine. Infectious Diseases, Microbiology
Gujar, S., DVM, PhD (Memorial), MHA (Dalhousie). Cancer immunotherapies, oncolytic viruses, applied immunomics, immune-metabolism 
Marcato, P., BSc, PhD (Alberta). Cancer stem cells, breast cancer

Research for the MSc degree may be conducted in experimental pathology and/or allied fields of medical sciences (e.g. clinical chemistry, hematopathology, histopathology or molecular pathology and molecular genetics) for those planning a career as a laboratory scientist