Master of Science (MSc) in Pathology

This program is intended to give the student a strong background in the experimental approach in pathology. Although the program may be completed in 12 months, most students require 24 months.

The research work and thesis defence are valued at 18 credit hours. All students are required to attend and participate in the research seminar program (PATH 5091.03: Pathology Research Seminar Series) for three credit hours. Those students without a medical background are required to take PATH 5000: General Pathology for three credit hours. Other courses may be required depending upon the background of preparation of the student, the nature of their thesis or the student’s career goals, bringing the total requirement to 30 credit hours.

Candidates are expected to participate as appropriate in a weekly series of seminars or journal clubs in immunopathology, laboratory medicine or molecular pathology/genetics.

Research and a thesis are required. The thesis must be defended by oral examination which covers the candidate's area of study and research. Yearly presentations to the Department are required of every candidate.