Master of Engineering (MEng) Degree in Petroleum Engineering

Admission to the Petroleum Engineering program is suspended.  The program will continue to be delivered to any current students until all students have graduated, or the time allowed for program completion has elapsed, or all students have left the program.

This degree program is designed primarily for graduate professional engineers seeking a thorough introduction to the field of petroleum engineering. The curriculum (academic year 2010-11) consists of a core set of six prescribed courses, one approved elective, a graduate seminar, and a project.

The core courses in petroleum engineering are:

  • PETR 6010.03: Reservoir Engineering
  • PETR 6030.03: Natural Gas Reservoirs
  • PETR 6040.03: Drilling Engineering
  • PETR 6050.03: Production Technology
  • PETR 6060.03: Petroleum Geoscience
  • PETR 6980.03: Directed Studies

Approved elective courses may be chosen from a variety of subjects to suit each student’s disciplinary background, oil and gas industry interests, and professional project area. Subjects include advanced courses in engineering disciplines and courses in law, economics, earth science, environmental studies and oceanography. Descriptions of these courses are in the Graduate Studies Calendar.

Engineering courses from various disciplines are available as electives for students of petroleum engineering. Examples include:

  • CHEE 4803.03: Oil and Gas Processing
  • CHEE 6737.03: Chemical Process Control
  • CIVL 6144.03: Geotechnical Aspects of Waste Management
  • CIVL 6147.03: Advanced Theory of Structures
  • FOSC 6333.03: Industrial Rheology
  • IENG 6912.03: Introduction to Operations Research
  • IENG 6918.03: Decision Analysis
  • IENG 6924.03: Capital Investment and Capacity Expansion Planning
  • MATL 6014.03: Welding Metallurgy
  • MATL 6030.03: Fracture of Metallic Materials
  • MECH 6510.03: Advanced Mechanics of Solids
  • MINE 6001.03: Advanced Rock Mechanics
  • MINE 6008.03: Advanced Petroleum Engineering
  • MINE 6009.03: Offshore Drilling and Production
  • MINE 6010.03: Solid-Liquid Separation
  • PETR 6020.03: Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery

Selections from this list are expected to be consistent with the student’s background, interest, and research or project area. Electives may also be chosen from the following list of courses in related disciplines:

Both of these elective lists are illustrative and subject to revision.