Chairperson of Department

Newman, A.

Graduate Coordinator

Adamo, S.

Professors Emeriti

Brown, R.E., BSc (Victoria), MA, PhD (Dalhousie). Behavioural endocrinology, developmental psychobiology, drugs and behaviour, behaviour of transgenic and mutant mice, development, animal behaviour, Memory
Klein, R. M.,
BA (SUNY), MA, PhD (Oregon), FRSC, University Research Promessor. Attention and its disorders, cognitive neuroscience, applied cognitive psychology
LoLordo, V. M.,
AB (Brown), PhD (Penn). Learning, animal behaviour
Meinertzhagen, I. A., BSc (Aberdeen), PhD, DSc (St. Andrews), University Research Professor. Structure and development of simple nervous systems
Mitchell, D. E., BSc, MASc (Melb), PhD (Berkeley). Visual system development, visual perception


Abbass, A., BSc (Ottawa), MD (Dalhousie), FRCPC (Toronto), major appointment in Psychiatry. Emotion physiology, short-term dynamic psychotherapy, psychotherapy integration, anxiety, depression, somatization
Adamo, S.,
BSc (Toronto), PhD (McGill), Graduate Coordinator, Cephalopod behaviour, invertebrate behavioural physiology, comparative psychoneuroimmunology, ecoimmunology
Barrett, S. P., BA (St. FX), PhD (McGill). Addiction, polysubstance use, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, psychiatric comorbidity, human psychopharmacology
Campbell-Yeo, M., BScN, MScN (Dalhousie), PhDN (McGill), major appointment in the School of Nursing. Non-pharmaceutical pain relief, maternal-led interventions, pain and stress, skin-to-skin contact, breastfeeding, neonatal intensive care, randomized controlled clinical trials
Chambers, C. T.,
BSc (Dalhousie), MA, PhD (UBC), Faculty of Science Killam Professor in Psychology, joint appointment in Pediatrics. Health psychology, pain, children, families, clinical psychology, social media, knowledge translation
Corkum, P., BSc (Dalhousie), MA, PhD (OISE at Toronto). Sleep and childhood psychopathology, psychosocial interventions, school psychology, eHealth
Crowder, N. A., BSc, PhD (Alberta). Using visual neurophysiology and psychophysics to investigate the following topics: adaptation and plasticity of visual information processing in the cortex, contrast coding, motion detection, speed discrimination
Deacon, S. H., BSc (UPEI), PhD (Oxon), Faculty of Science Killam Professor in Psychology. Reading and spelling development, bilingualism, reading difficulties
Duffy, K., BA (St. Thomas), PhD (McMaster). Function, organization, and development of the mammalian visual system; impact of sensory experience on neural network development and plasticity
Eskes, G. A., BA, PhD (Berkeley), joint appointment in Psychiatry. Clinical and cognitive neuropsychology, cognitive rehabilitation, disorders of attention, memory and executive function, sleep disorders, aging, stroke, dementia, cognition and emotion, functional brain imaging
Finley, G. A., BSc, MD (Dalhousie), FRCPC, major appointment in Anaesthesia. Pediatric pain (measurement and management), audible alarm signals, perioperative anxiety, awareness and memory
Good, K., BSc (UNB), MSc, PhD (UBC), major appointment in Psychiatry. Olfactory and cognitive function in patients with psychotic disorders, and olfactory fMRI
Kay-Raining Bird, E., BA (Queen’s), MSc (Columbia), PhD (Wisconsin-Madison), major appointment in the School of Human Communication Disorders. Child language development and disorders, Down syndrome, autism, language assessment and intervention, literacy
Kiefte, M., BA (Memorial), MSc, PhD (Alberta), major appointment in the School of Human Communication Disorders. Speech perception, psychoacoustics, speech production, stuttering
Moore, C. L., BA, PhD (Cantab). The development of commonsense psychology and the understanding of intentionality
Newman, A. J., BA (Winnipeg), MSc, PhD (Oregon). Neuroplasticity and language processing: neural bases of signed vs. spoken language; effects of deafness on brain development; gesture; second language acquisition; Aboriginal languages; neuroimaging with fMRI and ERP; clinical applications of cognitive neuroimaging
Perrot, T. S., BSc, PhD (Western). Molecular mechanisms of sexual differentiation of rat brain; developmental programming of adult stress responding: sex and sex steroid modulation of adult stress responding
Phillmore, L., BA (Western), MA, PhD (Queen’s). Songbirds, animal behaviour and learning, seasonality, neural basis of song perception, neurogenesis
Rusak, B., BA (Toronto), PhD (Berkeley), FRSC, joint appointment in Psychiatry. Sleep and circadian rhythms: mechanisms, functions and clinical implications
Semba, K., BEd, MA (Tokyo), PhD (Rutgers), major appointment in Medical Neuroscience. Neurobehavioural and physiological impacts of chronic sleep restriction, role of astrocytes in sleep/wake regulation, circadian control of sleep and waking
Sherry, S. B., BA (York), MA (UBC), PhD (Saskatchewan). Personality and psychopathology (e.g., suicide, eating disorders, and depression), perfectionism, hypochondriasis
Smith, I. M., BA (Dalhousie), MSc (Brown), PhD (Dalhousie), Joan and Jack Craig Chair in Autism Research; major appointment in Pediatrics. Autism spectrum disorder, developmental disabilities, intervention research
Stewart, S., BSc (Dalhousie), PhD (McGill), joint appointment in Psychiatry. Anxiety, substance abuse, cognitive psychophysiology, comorbidity, motives
Taylor-Helmick, T. L., BA (Calgary), MSc, PhD (Dalhousie). Human memory, especially our ability to intentionally forget irrelevant or outdated information, attentional mechanisms that enable remembering and forgetting, inhibitory mechanisms in attention and memory
Uher, R., MUDr, PhD (Charles Univ), MRCPsych (Royal College of Psychiatrists), CCT (London Deanery, UK), major appointment in Psychiatry. Early interventions to prevent severe mental illness, classification of psychopathology, the treatment of depression, the use of clinical assessment and genomics to personalize and optimize treatment and the interplay of genes and environment in the causation of mental illness
Ungar, M., BA, BSW, MSW (McGill), PhD (Wilfrid Laurier), major appointment in the School of Social Work. Qualitative methods, resilience, adolescent mental health, family therapy, ecological social work, program evaluation, cross-cultural research, delinquency, child development, social constructionism
Westwood, D. A., BSc, MA, PhD (Waterloo), major appointment in the School of Health and Human Performance. Cognitive neuroscience, sensory control of skilled action, functional neuroimaging

Associate Professors

Aiken, S., BA, MSc (Western), PhD (Toronto), major appointment in the School of Human Communication Disorders. Auditory electrophysiology, brainstem and cortical responses to speech, psychoacoustics, otoacoustic emissions, speech perception, hearing aid signal processing
Bardouille, T., BSc (Queen’s), MSc (Dalhousie), PhD (Toronto), major appointment in Radiology. Functional neuroimaging for the purposes of clinical diagnosis and treatment, measurement of small- and long-range neural synchrony in the brain in patients with stroke, epilepsy and traumatic brain injury
Boe, S., BPhEd (Brock), PhD, MPT (Western), major appointment in the School of Physiotherapy. Central and peripheral nervous system adaptations and functional outcomes in neurorehabilitation, cortical contributions to balance control, electrophysiology, functional neuroimaging
Bombay, A., BSc (Ottawa), MSc, PhD (Carleton), major appointment is jointly held in the School of Nursing and Psychiatry. Aboriginal health and the determinants of mental health outcomes among Aboriginal peoples of Canada
Chorney, J., BSc (Dalhousie), MA, PhD (West Virginia), major appointment in Anesthesiology. Perioperative care, psychological management of pain
Fisher, D., BSc (Ottawa), MSc, PhD (Carleton), major appointment in Psychiatry. Schizophrenia, psychosis, psychopharmacology, nicotine, cognitive neuroscience, EEG, event-related potentials, mismatch negativity
Fisk, J., BSc, MA, PhD (Western), major appointment in Psychiatry. Neuropsychology, cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging; aging, multiple sclerosis, dementia and neurodegenerative disorders: assessment, diagnosis, epidemiology, risk factors, health-related quality of life, treatment effectiveness, health policy
Franklin, T., BSc (King's), MSc (Dalhousie), PhD (Swiss Fed Institute). Neuroscience, animal behaviour, sociability, epigenetics, in vivo electrophysiology, neuroconnectivity
Jacques, S., BA (McGill), MA, PhD (Toronto). Socio-emotional and socio-cognitive development, cognitive development
Johnson, S., BA (Kalamazoo), MSc, PhD (Victoria). Clinical PhD Program Director of Training. Clinical and cognitive neuropsychology, social cognition, neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders
Meier, S., BSc, MSc (Universitat Basel, Switzerland), PhD (Ruprecht Karls Universitat Heidelberg).
Neyedli, H., BSc Hons (Dalhousie), MSc, PhD (Toronto), major appointment in Health and Human Performance. Decision making, statistical decision making models, attention, movement selection and planning, neuroplasticity and neurofeedback
Robinson, L., BSc (Victoria), MA, PhD (Simon Fraser), major appointment in the School of Health and Human Performance. Psychosocial issues in cancer, relationships, internet-mediated health promotion, health promotion, community-based research
Rosen, N. O., BA (Queen’s), PhD (McGill). Female sexual disorders, women’s pain, romantic relationships, health (psychosocial) psychology
Weaver, I. C. G., BSc (Aberdeen), MSc (Bristol), PhD (McGill). Neurobehavioural epigenetic mechanisms, early life experience, steroid hormone function, DNA and chromatin modification, programming of gene expression, cortical development, endocrine and behavioural stress responses, and pharmacological and psycho-social interventions

Assistant Professors

Blais, J., BA/MA/PhD (Carleton). Risk assessment, risk communication, psychopathy, personality, political psychology.
Dithurbide, L.,
BA (St. Mary’s), MA (Brock), PhD (Michigan State), major appointment in the School of Health and Human Performance. Sport and exercise psychology, group/team dynamics, efficacy and trust in dyads/groups/teams, athletic performance, measurement of psychosocial variables in sport
Filliter, J., BSc, MSc, PhD (Dalhousie) major apppointment in Pediatrics. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), improving health care access and interactions for youth with ASD, understanding cognitive and emotional processes in ASD
Hashimi, J., BSc (Punjab), MSc (Western), PhD (Toronto), major appointment in Anesthesia. Acute and chronic pain, anethesisa, brain development, networks, predictive analysis
Ilie, G., BSc, MA (York), PhD (Toronto), major appointment in Community Health and Epidemiology. Patient reported outcomes, prostate cancer, traumatic brain injuries, concussions, quality of life, mental health, substance use, health reported outcomes, behavioural conduct, violence, bullying, suicide, music therapy, stress relief, and mindfulness
Lee-Bagley, D., BSc (Calgary), MA, PhD (UBC).  Major appointment in Family Medicine.  Chronic disease, behaviour change, obesity, professional resiliency, acceptance and commitment therapy
Lovas, D.,
BSc, MD (Dalhousie), major appointment in Psychiatry. Somatic symptom disorders, somatization, chronic pain, functional disorders, biomarkers, mindfulness, child and adolescent psychiatry
Pavlova, B., MSC (Palacky Univ., Czech Republic), PhD (Charles Univ., Czech Republic), DClinPsy (Inst. of Psychiatry, King's College, UK)
Town, J., BSc (York), DClinPsy (Univ of Sheffield), major appointment in Psychiatry. Psychotherapy process-outcome and effectiveness research, emotion processing, short-term dynamic psychotherapy, psychotherapy for common mental disorders, medically unexplained symptoms
Weatherhead, D., COGS-P-BCH (Queen's), PhD (Waterloo). Language acquisition, sociolinguistics, social cognition, cognitive development, infancy
Yakovenko, I., BSc (Toronto), MSc (Calgary), PhD (Yale), joint appointment in Psychiatry. Change determinants across addictive behaviours, Transdiagnostic addiction and comorbidity, Cannabis use and disordered gambling, Online substance use interventions

University Teaching Fellows

Gadbois, S., BP, MAPs (Moncton), PhD (Dalhousie). Olfactory detection, discrimination, searching and tracking in dogs; wildlife conservation dogs; behaviour of wild canids (wolves, coyotes, and red foxes)
Stamp, J., BSc (Dalhousie), PhD (Cambridge). Stress, addiction, steroid hormones and behaviour
Stevens, L., BSc (Acadia), MSc, PhD (Dalhousie), Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Senior Instructors

Borycz, J., PhD (Inst. of Pharmacology, Krakow, Poland).  Invertebrate neuroal signalling, neurotransmitter release and recycling, transmembrane transporters, HPLC, microdialysis.
Christie, J.,
BSc. MSc,PhD (Dalhousie).  Attention, memory and learning.
Juckes, T.,
BA, MA (Natal), PhD (Dalhousie). Sociopsychology, history of psychology, social influence, scientific writing, cognitive development
Mackinnon, S., BA(H) (UCCB), MSc (Wilfred Laurier), PhD (Dalhousie). Personality, multivariate statistics, alcohol, well-being, relationships.
Pencer, A., BSc (St. FX), MSc, PhD (Calgary). Emerging adults, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, early interventions for severe mental illness, first episode psychosis, anxiety disorders, addictions


Stratton, N., BA (Concordia) MA/PhD (Ryerson).  Sexual function/dysfunction, sexual and mental health interventions, mood disorders, anxiety and anxiety-reated disorders, borderline personality disorder, clinical psychology and health psychology.

Adjunct (FGS)

Barresi, J., BSc (Brown), MA (S. Calif.), MS, PhD (Wisconsin), Psychology and Neuroscience/Dalhousie. Personology, social cognition, philosophical psychology, history of psychology
Champod, A.S., BSc (Montreal), PhD (McGill)  Psychology/Acadia
Chipman, K., BA (UPEI), MA, PhD (Western), Neuropsychology Service/Nova Scotia Hospital. Neuropsychology, cognitive rehabilitation, functional outcomes, aging, mild cognitive impairment (MCI), dementia and neurodegenerative disorders, schizophrenia, affective disorders, family/caregiver support
Church, E., BA (St. John’s), MA, PhD (Toronto), School Psychology/Mount Saint Vincent University. Stepfamilies, parenting, self help, rural mental health, interprofessional collaboration
Cohen, A., BA (McGill), MA, PhD (Queen's), Psychology/University of Prince Edward Island
Conrad, N., BA (St. Mary’s), PhD (McMaster), Psychology/St. Mary’s University. Development of reading skills, memory, cognitive and linguistic factors related to reading and spelling
DiGiorgio, C., BA (UCCB) BSc, BEd (Dalhousie), MEd (St. FX), PhD (Univ. South Australia)
Ellsworth, C., BA (McMaster), MA, PhD (Queen’s), Psychology/IWK Health Centre. Neurodevelopmental disorders (infants and preschoolers), early identification, parent education and support
Flanagan, H., BA/BSc (McMaster), MA, PhD (York), Psychology/IWK. Intervention for young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), developmental trajectories in ASD, parent coaching
Gilin Oore, D., BSc (Northern Michigan), MA, PhD (Missouri-St. Louis), Psychology/St. Mary’s University. Managerial decision making, conflict escalation and resolution, interpersonal and organizational change
Ivanoff, J., BSc, MA (Guelph), PhD (Dalhousie), Psychology/St. Mary’s University. Attention, decision-making, executive control, response preparation, cognitive neuroscience, functional magnetic resonance imaging, event-related potentials
Lackner, C., MSc (Queen's) PhD (Brock), Psychology/Mount Saint Vincent
LoLordo, V. M., AB (Brown), PhD (Penn), Psychology and Neuroscience/Dalhousie. Learning, animal behaviour
MacNeil, B., BSc (St. FX), PhD (New Brunswick) Mental Health and Addictions/QEII Health Sciences Centre
Marchand, Y., MCS (Univ. of Paris), PhD (Compiegne, France). Computational modeling of reading, dyslexia, speech technology, event-related brain potentials
Mitchell, D. E., BSc, MASc (Melb), PhD (Berkeley), Psychology and Neuroscience/Dalhousie. Visual system development, visual perception
Omisade, A., BA (York), PhD (Dalhousie), Neuropsychology/QEII Health Sciences Centre. Clinical neuropsychology, cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging, epilepsy, neurodegenerative disorders, assessment: early detection of cognitive impairment and lateralization of cognitive functions
O'Neill, P., MSc, PhD (Yale), Professor Emeritus/Acadia University. Ethical decision making, community psychology
Rigney, G., BHons, PhD (South Australia) Psychology/CQUniversity Adelaide
Robertson, E., BA (Mt. A) , MA, PhD (Western), Psychology/Cape Breton University.  Language and reading development and disorders in children, speech perception, phonology, morphology, syntax, working memory
Rodger, R. S., MA (Edin), PhD (Queen’s, Belfast). Statistical methodology; especially the evaluation of multiple, null contrasts against their alternatives (parametric and non-parametric), using decision-based error and detection rates
Roy-Charland, A., BPs, MAPs, PhD (Moncton). Social cognition, development, reading, emotional facial expressions, eye movements
Saint-Aubin, J., BA (Sherbrooke), MPs, PhD (Laval), École de psychologie/Université de Moncton. Missing-letter effect, working memory, eye movements, shared book reading
Schellinck, H., BSc, MSc, PhD (Dalhousie), Psychology and Neuroscience/Dalhousie. Olfactory learning in animal models of neurodegenerative disease; pheromonal mechanisms in rodents
Shaw, S. R., BSc (London), PhD (St. Andrews), Psychology and Neuroscience/Dalhousie. Insect sensory neurophysiology, visual optics, single neuron evolution, light- and electron-microscope neuroanatomy
Smith, S. M., BA (Bishop’s), MA, PhD (Queen’s), Psychology/St. Mary’s University. Attitudes and persuasion, attitude change, behaviour change, health promotion, psychology and law, eyewitness identification, confession evidence, media and persuasion, media and the legal system
Vallis, T. M., BSc (Dalhousie), MA, PhD (Western), Psychology/QEII Health Sciences Centre. Health psychology, diabetes, gastroenterology, cardiovascular risk reduction, obesity, motivational readiness to change, cognitive therapy
Watt, M., BA (St. FX), PhD (Dalhousie), Psychology/St. Francis Xavier University. Anxiety, cognitive-behavioural interventions, health-related behaviour, forensic psychology

Clinical Associate (Faculty of Science Appointment)

Appointments with the Clinical Associate designation are expected to be actively involved in the Clinical Psychology Program through a variety of activities such as being practicum supervisors for Clinical students and leading workshops. This type of appointment is not eligible for supervision of student research.

Angelopoulos, M., PhD (Dalhousie), Psychology/QEII Health Sciences Centre
Aubie, C., PhD (Windsor), Eating Disorders Clinic/Early Psychosis Program/QEII Health Sciences Centre
Balch, M., PhD (UNB), Community Mental Health (Sackville Site)/IWK Health Centre
Battista, S., PhD (Dalhousie), CHOICES Adolescent Treatment Program/IWK Health Centre
Beattie, T., PhD (UNB), Neuropsychology Service/IWK Health Centre
Boehm, R., PhD (Windsor), Addictions Services/Nova Scotia Health Authority
Bradley, K., PhD (Ottawa) Community Mental Health/IWK Health Centre
Carter, S. L., PhD (Windsor), Psychology/QEII Health Sciences Centre
Chatman, J., PhD (UCLA), Dr. Jason Chatman Psychological Services
Chorney, D., PhD (West Virginia), Chorney and Associates (Private Practice)
Clark, S., PhD (Dalhousie), Mental Health and Addictions/IWK Health Centre
Cohen, J., PhD (UNB), Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment Program/East Coast Forensic Hospital
Connors, A., PhD (Simon Fraser), Forensic Sexual Behaviour Program/Nova Scotia Hospital
Connors, L., PhD (York), Community Mental Health, IWK Health Centre     
Coolican, J., PhD (Dalhousie), Feeding Clinic/IWK Health Centre
Corkum, V., PhD (Dalhousie), Corkum & Associates Psychological Services
Day, V., PhD (Queen’s), Marsh-Knickle and Associates
DeFreitas, C., PhD (SFU), Recovery and Integration Dept./NS Health
DeFreitas, V., PhD (Simon Fraser) Acquired Brain Injury Program/Nova Scotia Rehabilitation & Arthritis Centre
Durdle, H., PhD (Windsor), CHOICES Adolescent Treatment Program/IWK Health Centre
Emberly, D., PhD (Dalhousie), Mental Health and Addictions/IWK Health Centre
Farquhar, J. PhD (Concordia), Coastal Psychology
Fougere, A., PhD (Monash) Forensic Sexual Behaviour Program/Nova Scotia Health Authority
Freeman, P., PhD (Manitoba), Community Mental Health Services (Dartmouth)/Nova Scotia Hospital
Gamberg, S., PhD (McGill), Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment Program (BPSTP)/Nova Scotia Health Authority
Gillespie, J., PhD (Western), Pediatric Health Psychology Service/IWK Health Centre
Gorodinsky, A., PhD (Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Pediatric Complex Pain Service, IWK Health Centre
Howes, J., PhD (Western Ontario), Psychology/QEII Health Sciences Centre 
Jefferson, S., PhD (UNB), Psychology/QEII Health Sciences Centre
Jerrott, S., PhD (Dalhousie), Community Mental Health/IWK Health Centre
Jewer, C., MSc (Acadia), Mental Health Services/Canadian Armed Forces
Joyce, A. M., PhD (Dalhousie), Community Mental Health (Dartmouth Site)/IWK Health Centre
Kayfitz, A., PhD (Windsor), IWK Mental Health and Addictions Program/Dartmouth Community Mental Health
Kelln, B., PhD (Calgary), East Coast Forensic Hospital
Kelly, B., PhD (South California), Community Mental Health (Dartmouth)/IWK Health Centre
Lefebvre, C., PhD (Dalhousie), Youth Forensic Services/IWK Health Centre
Lowe-Pearce, C., PhD (Dalhousie), Clinical Neurosciences and Rehabilitation Care/IWK Health Centre
MacNeil, S., PhD (UNB), Canadian Forces Mental Health Services Centre (Atlantic), Mental Health Services
S., PhD (UNB)  IWK Community Mental Health
McInerney, R. J., PhD (Victoria), Dr. Robert J. McInerney & Associates (Private Practice)
McLaughlin, E., PhD (Dalhousie), Pediatric Health Psychology/IWK Health Centre
McNeill, B., PhD (Queen’s), The Garon Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (Inpatient) and The OCD Specific Care Clinic/IWK Health Centre
Patry, B., PhD (Victoria), Psychology, Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre/QEII Health Sciences Centre
Poisson, M., PhD (McGill), Community Mental Health Service (Halifax Branch)/IWK Health Centre
Quon, E., PhD (Concordia), IWK Health Centre, Darmouth Site
Ross, M.,
PhD (Saskatchewan), Mental Health Services (Bedford-Sackville)/Cobequid Community Health Centre
Scattolon, Y., PhD (UNB Fredericton), Eating Disorders Clinic/QEII Health Sciences Centre, and Private Practice
Starzomski, A., PhD (UBC), East Coast Forensic Hospital
Sullivan, A., PhD (York), Mental Health and Addictions Program/IWK Health Centre
Uman, L., PhD (Dalhousie), Community Mental Health (Dartmouth)/IWK Health Centre
Wetmore, A., MEd (Acadia) (Private Practice)
Yazbek, A., PhD (New Brunswick) Preschool Pediatric Psychology Service/IWK Health Centre