Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (GDPA)

The Graduate Diploma in Public Administration is a one-year, 27 credit hours, graduate program designed for public servants who hold a first degree, and for students wishing to obtain professional preparation for a career in public administration.

Course Requirements

The GDPA requires the successful completion of 27 credit hours:

  • PUAD 5100.03 F (Government Structure and Organization)
  • PUAD 5120.03 F (Introduction to Public Policy)
  • PUAD 5130.03 F (Applied Economics I) or PUAD 5131.03 W (Applied Economics II)
  • PUAD 5140.03 F (Quantitative Methods I) or PUAD 5180.03 W (Research Methods and Analysis)
  • PUAD 5170.03 W (Human Resource Management)
  • PUAD 5250.03 W (Strategic Financial Management)
  • and three additional graduate level three credit hours elective course from the PUAD series, to be selected in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator.  (One graduate level three credit hour elective course may selected from outside of the program, in consultation and approval from the Graduate Coordinator).

When a student has a demonstrated competence in the area of a required course, an alternate course may be substituted if approved by the Program Manager.