Juris Doctor/Master of Public Administration (JD/MPA) Program

The combined JD/MPA program is a four-year program which enables students to select courses leading to degrees of Master of Public Administration and Juris Doctor. A total of 39 credit hours Public Administration courses are required. The combined program is structured as follows:

Year 1

  • First year courses of the MPA program (24 credit hours required courses)

Year 2

  • First year courses of the JD program

Year 3

  • nine credit hours of elective courses from the MPA program (one of these could be PUAD 6855: Internship, typically completed during the summer after first or second year of the program, as agreed upon with program coordinators).
  • Civil Procedure
  • Constitutional Law
  • Compulsory Moot
  • Plus 12-14 credit hours of courses from the JD program including a major paper class

Year 4

  • six credit hours of elective courses from the MPA program. Students may choose to do a three credit hour elective course from outside the MPA course offerings. This course must be approved by the MPA Program Manager.
  • 23-25 credit hours of courses from the JD program, which must include The Legal Profession and Professional Responsibility, and a major paper class

MPA/JD are not required to participate in the Professional Development Certificate program. Students who wish to pursue the PUAD 6855: Internship should note that the first year of the PD program is a prerequisite for the Internship course.